Does anyone have a recipe for Farina fritters?


You know, the breakfast cereal Farina or Cream of Wheat. My Piemontese Italian grandmother used to make fritters out of day old Farina. I don’t know if it’s a Piemontese specialty or just her private recipe, but I remember they were very good: sweetened, a bit of lemon flavoring (probably lemon zest), rolled in bread crumbs and fried. They were crispy on the outside and smooth & creamy inside. I wish I could taste them again, but grandma’s gone now, and I never asked for the recipe.


I googled “Cream of Wheat Fritters” and many recipes came up - give it a try and see if any are close to what you remember.


Think hard again to see if you can remember any others,or you can ask your families,maybe someone know how to do the breakfest.
Good luck to you.:slight_smile:


Also, try looking for “semolina” fritters. (I think that’s what cream of wheat is called in Italy).

Maybe try “polenta” fritters and then substitute the cream of wheat. Maybe that is what the recipie called for, but she had a hard time finding polenta, so she used cream of wheat. :shrug: It isn’t uncommon to substitute ingredients.

Finally, I think I saw Giada make a fritter recently, try looking ion the food network website.

Good luck!


Oh, no, Grandma never had a hard time finding polenta–not in our old Italian neighborhood. She made it just about every Sunday–cooked over a wood-burning stove in the basement, yet. (She had a modern gas stove in the kitchen. I don’t know why she made it on the basement stove–maybe it reminded her of the Old Country.) When they sold the house after my grandparents died, they left the old cast iron stove where it was because they couldn’t carry it out. I wonder if it’s still there.


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