Does anyone have a timeline where all the books in the bible were written?

does anyone have a time lets say when was matthew, mark, book of revelation etc were written. It would be really helpful!

A web search while using dicernment regarding the sites that come up seems to lead to the NT Gospels being written [approximately] between 65-95AD, and likely written by people who were witness to the events, or knew people who were witness to the events.

It is interesting that there is mention of Jesus prophesying the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, but no mention of it having happened - this leads to the ‘probability’ that those writings were before the Jewish rebellion and the destruction of the Temple in 70AD.

If you want something available for free, this is the best I’ve been able to find:
But the best I know of is in the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible. In the introduction to each book, they give the differing views on when the book was written, along with which view the authors (Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch) believe is correct and the reasons why.

I found a timeline that is included as part of a Catholic apologetics booklet. It includes the Deuterocanonical books, and it’s contained on a good Catholic website, (which is also where the most popular online version of the Catechism is hosted). So that’s good. But:

It is a .pdf document, so if you click on it, scroll down to page 29:

Here’s the relevant portion:

Genesis c.1250-1200 B.C.____________ Matthew c.40-60

Exodus c.1250-1200 B.C._____________Mark c.45-60

Leviticus c.1250-1200 B.C.____________ Luke 57-60

Numbers c.1250-1200 B.C.____________John c.40-65

Deuteronomy c.1250-1200 B.C.________Acts 57-62

Joshua c.1200 B.C._________________ Romans 57

Judges c.1200 B.C._________________ 1 Corinthians 55

Ruth c.1000 B.C.___________________ 2 Corinthians 56

1st Samuel c.700 B.C._______________ Galatians 56

2nd Samuel c.700 B.C._______________ Ephesians 58

1st Kings c.600 B.C._________________ Philippians 58

2nd Kings c.600 B.C._________________Colossians 58

1st Chronicles c.350 B.C.______________1 Thessalonians early 50

2nd Chronicles c.350 B.C.______________2 Thessalonians 50-51

Ezra c.400 B.C.______________________1 Timothy 55

Nehemiah c.400 B.C._________________ 2 Timothy 58

Tobit c.200 B.C.______________________Titus 57

Judith c.150 B.C._____________________ Philemon 58

Esther c.300 B.C.____________________ Hebrews c.67

1st Maccabees c.100 B.C._____________James 40’s

2nd Maccabees c.125 B.C.____________ 1 Peter 65

Job c.500 B.C.______________________ 2 Peter 61-62

Psalms c.500 B.C.___________________ 1 John 57-62

Proverbs c.450 B.C.___________________2 John 57-62

Ecclesiastes c.300 B.C._______________3 John 57-62

Song of Songs c.450 B.C.______________Jude 61-62

Wisdom c.100 B.C.___________________Revelation 68-70

Sirach (Ecclesiasticus) c.180 B.C.

Isaiah c.700 B.C.

Jermiah c.585 B.C.

Lamentations c.550 B.C.

Baruch c.550 B.C.

Ezekiel c.590 B.C.

Daniel c.165 B.C.

Hosea c.750 B.C.

Joel c.400 B.C.

Amos c.750 B.C.

Obadiah c.500 B.C.

Jonah c.450 B.C.

Micah c.740 B.C.

Nahum c.612 B.C.

Habakkuk c.600 B.C.

Zephaniah c.620 B.C.

Haggai c.520 B.C.

Zechariah c.520 B.C.

Malachi c.450 B.C.

Early Christian Writings has a fairly inclusive list of the canonical and non-canonical Christian writings up to about the 4th century along with translations, resources and commentary (including commentary from Catholic sources.)

A lot of academics will say Mark came first but I trust the early Church which said that Matthew came first. Matthew wrote accounts in both Hebrew and Greek, so possibly one of them came after Mark.

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