Does anyone have any body art?

The tread “would tattoos offend a traditionalist Catholic?” got me thinking who else has tattoos here? Please do not leave any mean comments about tattoos and the people who chose to get them.

Basically, I want to know if anyone else on here has any body art, what do you have and what’s the significance.

I have 2 tattoos:
Chicken (Hen)- it’s a nick-name my family has been calling me since I was 4 years old. It’s not in anyway negative. Just a little kid loving chickens.

Orange Blooms (The flowers that eventually turn into oranges)- Represents happiness, innocence, eternal love, marriage and fruitfulness. This best represents me or what I hope to be. My temperament is optimistic/happy, innocence reminds me to strive to be child-like (Luke 18:16-17), God is love and with God’s grace I will be fruitful in my endeavors.

Happy Easter!!

I have 4 in a theame. A Crusifix of San Demanio, A Madonna (NOT the singer ;)) A Celtic cross and a Guardian Angle.

I have one of a abstract desert sun over mountains

My husband has a wolf baying at the moon, related to his confirmation name of Wolfgang.

I don’t have any but badly want a beautiful image I found of a mermaid mother cradling her baby, with my kids names around it. I have it designed and ready to go, and have contacted an artist… but have no money for it right now. :frowning:

I want one… i have the design and everything. a rose and it says “cogliere il giorno” which is Seize the Day it Italian. I’m Italian. That is also one of my favorite sayings as well as a favorite song.

I was also considering a celtic cross.

I have two and am planning my 3rd.

My first is an om. It is a Hindu symbol that reminds me of everything that is Catholic- the trinity, the number 3, etc. I got this one before I was Catholic but still leaned on a Christian understanding of it.

I just got my second about 6 weeks ago. It is on my foot and it is a dove representing the Holy Spirit and 3 footprints trailing behind it. The footprints represent my faith journey that has had 3 distinct chapters- Judaism, what I call The Universal Church of Me (population 1 :D), and then my commitment to Catholicism. Also, it represents the Trinity and my wish to follow in the path that the Lord has created for me.

My third, I want to put a Star of David on one side of the om and a Crucifix on the other side with footprints winding through the whole thing.

i have 5.

Not here. I’ve always thought that the human body was God’s special work of art and does not need embelishment.

Love my body art! Stretch marks from having children!!! Best body art you can find.
Thank you God.


All my best for December 15th…

Thank you so much!

I have several tattoos which I had done over the past 15 years or so. My first was the face of Jesus Christ on my left shoulder and that same night I got my girlfriend’s name tattooed to my chest (yes, I was young and it was a stupid adolescent mistake, I just turned 21), well… I got that tattoo covered up with a tribal design 2 months later.
Then I got the word ‘Unbroken’ tattooed to my left arm under the JC tattoo after I went through my first divorce (it was never a valid Catholic marriage)… and about a year later I got both my upper arms covered with tribal designs resembling spikes and thorns.

Do I want any more tattoos? Maybe. But for the right reasons, not just because they ‘look cool’.

I have two, one is the Chi-Rho on my forearm. The other is a simply Latin cross on my right shoulder of my back.


For a few years now, I’ve been keeping my eye out for something to express my faith. I see many of you have Chi Rho, San Damiano, and Celtic crucifixes, etc. Can I get you guys, someone, to include an image of your body art? I’m just looking for ideas. Thanks and God bless!

What?? No photos? This thread would seem to be a natural for pictures of the art.

I have 2…one of Bill the Cat in my left upper arm, one of the cover of Steven King’s book “The Dark Half” on my right chest.
I also burned/branded a cross on my left hand…
I had planned on sleeving my right arm, but never finished planning out the whole thing, and then lost interest in getting any more…

Personally, I think tattoos and piercings are gross. I don’t know why anyone would want to write permanently on their body, or punch holes in it.

It’s just some people’s own sense of style (albeit a little bit more painful >.>;; ).

You can also just use temporary tattoos like I used to. The only reason I stopped was because I couldn’t find any good designs. -.-;;

I’m thinking of printing my own but I forgot where they get the materials for that kind of stuff. :shrug:

Thanks for stopping by and telling everyone that has piercings and tattoos that they are gross. Appreciate the input.

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