Does anyone have any luck praying to St. Jude or Rose of Lima for impossible cases?


I heard these were patrons of impossible cases. Let me explain. St Anthony is well known for finding lost items, and he always pulls through - always. But do other saints pull through as reliably? I lost a ring that St. Anthony found but then the person who found it accidently dropped it through a hole in the wall, and now it is impossible to retrieve. Should I just give this up? Does anybody have any stories of impossible cases that turned out well after prayer?


Hi “dakotagirl” I would first like to replace the word “luck” with “blessing”. I’m not criticising you at all. I just prefer the word “blessing”. :slight_smile:

That said… I have never said a Novena to St. Rose of Lima, myself. But I truly believe that any saint to which we pray a Novena… for the Glory of God… IS going to come to our aid. :yup:

I have had special blessings granted through prayers to St. Jude. He’s awesome.

God bless you, dear soul.


I credit St. Jude with helping with my husband’s immigration case. We were so worried about something that we filed wrong, but he was approved anyway without even an interview. I was praying day and night to St. Jude for help.


I credit St Jude for so many blessings… .

Right now there is a Novena going on at the National Shrine of St Jude…

You can submit your petitition on line… have a candle lit… ect.

I love having a candle lit as his shrine.


I have recieved dozens of miracluous answers from various saints. An example is when I made a novena to St Theresa the little Flower. If you are going to receive what you are requesting there is a tradition that you will recieve during the Novena some flowers. I prayed my novena and on the morning of the last day I had not yet received either what I was praying for or any flowers. I decided to go to my brothers house to complain that I had not received my answer which I usually do. It was the end of January and there was at least two feet of snow on the ground. When I arrived at my brothers house around eight in the morning the rose bush directly in front of his house also standing in two feet of snow had seven roses in full bloom on the stems. I called my brother and his wife who took some pictures then I picked the roses and took them to a local church to leave beside the tabernacle. Soon after I recieved my request. This type of thing has happened to my dozens of times. A second example was in a novena to Padre Pio. I asked for a certain request I thought was not possible without God’s assistance. I asked Padre Pio to let me see two moons in the sky if he would answer my prayer. One night I came home about two oclock in the morning probably the sixth or seventh day of the novena. When I got out of my car in the middle of a parking lot miles from any flowers I felt instantly surrounded by millions of flowers giving off a perfume that was a thrill to smell. It lasted about ten minutes. I went to my apartment where I prayed my Rosary in thanks to him. In the process I got up and opened a sliding door to cool the apartment then continued to pray I heard a sound and looked toward the sliding door to the balcony and saw two moons. I recognised after study that one was a mirror refection in the glass but for that moment it was identical to two moons the morning that day I received what I had prayed for from out of the blue. I could go on and on.


Patrons of impossible cases must include with St Jude a saint who is a peer to St Jude and that is St Rita of Cassia patron of impossible cases.


Lol. By all means go on and on. And thank you to everyone who has replied so far.


WOW… that is amazing!


Impossible? No case is impossible but seriously, there are other things more important that rings. :stuck_out_tongue: Leave it in the wall, it can be an asset for the church.

…er, could you try using a long magnet to pull it out? I know people do this to retrieve screws and nails that have fallen through holes.


Once, I was told that after praying to mother teresa if your prayer is answered you will recieve a rose. But any way I prayed that my sisiter would find and identify the holy spirit and Christ in her life. Five minites after leaving mass I got a call from my mum saying that my sister was asking me to bring her to church for the first time! Later on after this she wanted a new bible, she was into apologetics and other such stuff… Every where I go I keep seeing roses.


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