Does anyone have Radio Replies?
I just got my copy in today’s mail and I think this is going to be a real apologetics treasure! :thumbsup:

(Image is a link…)

I think RR is fabulous!!! I received three volumes as a gift and wished it had been something else, but when I later read them, I realized they are a treasure!!!

And now they’re online. While I love having real copies, knowing that they are online makes it easier to recommend them to others :slight_smile:

I have 2 out of the 3 volumes and love, love, love them!

That one is a 447 page hardback condensed version of the original three volume set, and it costs $24.95.

I got the entire three volume set of 1,874 pages on Kindle for just $.99.

Thanks for the heads up on the Kindle edition. I have all 3 books but just bought the Kindle edition as it is so easy to search for keywords that way. Great price, too.

You beat me, I got several sets of them years ago, in the 70’s for $!.50 a set. I loaned some out and lost some and still have 1 full set and 2 others. Also have the new revised one. They are true treasures. God Bless, Memaw

I got this for Christmas and LOVE it. It’s a great reference book. I was not aware that it was available on-line…that will be a tremendous value. But for me, nothing compares to being able to flip through pages at a moment’s notice for an answer on any given topic. Having the printed material in my hands is invaluable to me.

I like the hard copy condensed version that I just got because it makes it easier to just photocopy an answer and send it to someone who might need it.

All of these are great assets though.

Oh…and I actually got mine for a special offer from CA which was a lot less than $24.95. Still, as the old saying goes, “it’s a bargain at twice the price.”

Anyone else got this?

I have the first three volumes on my shelf and I frequently browse or search all five volumes at And you are right, what a treasure!


I especially like this answer from volume 1

It is most unkind of you to speak so sarcastically of other religions.

[LEFT]Inquirers put their religious theories before me, and if they are illogical I say so, giving my reasons for saying so. This is not sarcasm, above all since I respect the sincerity of those whose theories are mistaken. Nor is it unkind. If you saw a sick man taking, not the medicine prescribed by the doctor, but some other drink by mistake, would it be kindness to keep quiet just to spare him the confusion of realizing his mistake? Whilst love may excuse the man who makes a mistake, it cannot say that the mistake is not a mistake. I deny that truth is error, or that error is truth. But I make every allowance for those who mistake error for truth.[/LEFT]

I didn’t know there were 5 volumes altogether !! how can I get copies of vol 4 and 5? God Bless, Memaw

I like this too.

Why is the Catholic Church antagonistic towards the Bible?

She is not. She protects and defends it. But she does teach that the private reading of the Bible with reliance solely upon one’s own powers of comprehension is no sure way to arrive at the truth taught by Christ. And experience bears out her teaching.No. Beautifully illuminated copies of the Scriptures, wrought by the Monks, were in the charge of the Clergy and the Churches, and from these the Word of God was carefully preached to the people. Before the invention of the printing press, a wider diffusion was impossible.No. The Catholic Church would have been very foolish to have copies multiplied only to destroy them. When the printing press was invented by the German Catholic Gutenberg in 1445, the first book printed was a Bible, before Protestantism had come into existence.She condemns the principle that Bibles should be distributed indiscriminately to people on the understanding that they will be able to attain the truth without the guidance of the Church, and by their own unaided efforts. The wildest absurdities have resulted from the theory of private interpretation of Scripture, and if it is not dangerous to Christianity to have a new pretended Christian Church arising every ten years from some mad-cap reading of an isolated text, I would like to know your idea of what is really dangerous to Christianity.

I do

Awesome and handy resource, and I really like the way CA has edited it down to combine answers on the same topic and organize them for easy reference.

Another good one.

552. Does she herself forbid the reading of Scripture in the vernacular?

No. There are various Catholic societies for the diffusion of the Holy Gospels in the vernacular, such as the Society of St. Jerome, approved by the Church. Pope Pius X. granted special blessings to those who would read Scripture daily and recommend others to do so. But it is essential that the teachings of the living Church be kept in mind as a key to the true sense of the Bible


Another good one.

** If God is loving, just, and all-powerful, why does He permit moral evil, or sin?**

Because God is Love, He asks the freely given love of man, and not a compelled love. Because He is just, He will not deprive man of the free will which is in accordance with his rational nature. Nor is this against the omnipotence of God, for even His power does not extend to contradictory things. Man cannot be free to love and serve God, without being free to reject Him and rebel against Him. We cannot have it both ways. Even God, if He wants men to be free, cannot take from them the power to choose evil. If He enforces goodness, He takes away freedom. If He leaves freedom, He must permit evil, even though He forbids it. It is man’s dignity that he is master of his own destiny instead of having to develop just like a tree which necessarily obeys natural law. Men, as a matter of fact, misused their freedom, and sin and brutality resulted. But it was impossible to give man the gift of freedom and the dignity of being master of his own destiny without risking the permission of such failures.

Try this.

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