Does anyone have the traditional Catholic Marrige Vows?


Does anyone have the traditional Catholic Marriage Vows? Are they allowed to be altered?


I’m not sure what you mean by “traditional vows”.


I, ______ take you, ______, to be my wife/husband.
I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad,
in sickness and in health.
I will love you and honour you
all the days of my life.

This can be done in a question and answer form.

As for alterations, my copy of the Marriage ritual says this:

“Any priest faced with a couple wanting to develop their own form of consent, would be wise to consult the diocesan chancery or tribunal to make sure that the proposed formula meets the standards set by the Church.” IOW, to make sure that the marriage is VALID based on the vows taken.


My wife and I had them. :slight_smile:



I’m not sure what you mean by “traditional vows”.

Well maybe their is only one standard set of Vows, like Phemie said:

I, GratefulDad take you, DW, to be my wife.
I promise to be true to you
in good times and in bad,
in sickness and in health.
I will love you and honor you
all the days of my life.

Seems like pretty simple wording for a lifetime of commitment.:smiley:


Yep those are the vows we’re using, that are in our little “preparing for marriage” book. My bridesmaid asked me if we were writing our own, I was like, “heck no, it’s much easier to do it the Catholic way” :smiley:


Those are the current vows listed in the marriage rite. I wasn’t sure what you meant by “traditional” as sometimes people are looking for things from hundreds of years ago, TLM, etc.

There are other vow options that are allowed. The priest has a guide for the couple that lists all th available prayers, vows, readings, etc, as allowed in the Marriage Rite. These vows would be the primary vows… although there are others.

DH and I used these vows when we married in 2005.


While the Rite lists options for various prayers, intercessions, etc, it lists no options for the consent (vows). Only the one I printed in question form:

N. do you take N. to be your wife/husband
Do you promise to be true to her/him in good times and in bad,
in sickness and in health
to love her/him and honor him/her
all the days of your life?


We took those vows too, in statement form (the first one given, not the question format given later in the thread.)

I can’t understand why anyone would WANT to change those! I tear up every time I see an older couple renewing their vows, or a family coming into the Church and having the parents’ marriage convalidated… because I remember when Craig and I said those same words to start our life together. They say everything marriage is…what is there to change?


I agree.How can you improve on perfection? :confused:
It seems like whenever I’ve heard couples recite their own vows (admittedly only from reality tv wedding shows),they basically focused on the same core areas anway.

I choked up when I said the line “I will love you and honor you all the days of my life”.


Me too. The full force of what I was really doing hit me in that moment. :slight_smile:


Oh I am getting out a kleenex (sniff). Those are the very same vows we took 19 years ago.

There is an older set, that does not have the “I will love you and honor you all the days of my life” in them. It also says NOTHING about “obey” in them.

There is an old set of Catholic vows for the UK that has a line, “I thee with my body worship” which I think is just lovely.

FOUND 'EM!!! It took a long time to find both sets of vows currently in use, but here they are:

The second set, without the “love you and honor you” part, is the same thing as the 1962 missal BTW. For a look-see, take a gander at the midsection of this site.


So it looks like this is acceptable as well.

In the dioceses of the United States, the following form may also be used:

I, GratefulDad, take you, DW for my lawful wife,
to have and to hold,
from this day forward,
for better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
until death do us part.


What dustyjewel said.


Yes, mine is the Canadian Rite so that explains the discrepancy - we don’t have a choice.


Interesting about no “obey.”

But the line from the UK is horrific. Worship is given only to God, hyper dulia to The Virgin Mary and veneration or dulia to saints. This line is (a) idolatrous and inappropriate to put it mildly, (b) eroticizes worship and even lesser worship or veneration, which is also inappropriate, © puts the recipient of the vow in the position of being God, which means of course that a woman or a man who expects to say this, is going to be looking for someone worthy of worship so an impossible quest is on, and whoever is found is inevitably the object of perfectionist expectations followed inevitably by bitter disappointment.

That’s assuming anyone takes anything said seriously, and they aren’t just things you say to get what you want.


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