Does anyone have this "Manual of the Hours"

Does anyone have this “Manual of the Hours” from the sisters at Holy Myrrhbearers Monastery? Specifically, I’m curious to know about the translation used-- for example how is the Trisagion translated? In the Axion estin/It is Truly Meet does the translation use “thee” or “you”.

I’m curious also with the same questions re the “newly Reprinted” Great Vespers Booklet St Tikhon’s has just been advertising.

Are you sure you’re on the right forum? This is the Non-Catholic Religions Forum.


And all good!

Well… these are Orthodox books and we’re told to address Orthodox topics here in the Non-Catholic Religions section. :slight_smile: If I get no responses here after a few days, and since I’m EC wanting to use them for ECs I’ll try over in the EC section.

Sorry if I confused you. :slight_smile:

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