Does anyone here besides myself like the contemporary music at mass


I play electric bass at mass and I feel that a lot on caf don’t like contemporary music in mass. I’d like to hear from people that do like the contemporary stuff from Matt Maher and others in mass. I know you guys exist because people come up to us after mass and tell us we sound great


I know you are looking for those who like it. That’s not me. I will however defend it. Just because I like something different doesn’t make it holier or more reverential. Keep doing what you do brother!


I like both chanting and contemporary music if they’re done well. If they’re done poorly then I’d rather have no music


I get that, but for me, quality makes zero difference. I suspect God recognized the effort. It’s all about the Eucharist for me, and everything else is secondary.


I’ve played music since I was little. If I heard an organist play out of time or hit the wrong note I’d get distracted and not be able to focus on the mass


One thing’s for sure- I’ll take Matt Maher over most Marty Haugen or Dan Schutte any day of the week.


I like here I am lord though lol


I have a love/hate relationship with that song.


Some churches do opt to play it too often


For me, it’s Eagles Wings…that’s the one song that makes me cringe.


I like that one too. Oh well.

I just don’t like any song with clapping. Most people can’t clap on time. It always sounds sloppy


The school children choirs sing modern music and we love it.


Just curious SHB, if you have ever seen this video?


Yeah I have. I disagree with some of it and agree with some of it


I’ve seen this idea somewhere before, perhaps on the old CAF, but I think our music ministry should take everyone’s whining and complaining and make use of it. Have a “Ban -a-Hymn” fundraiser. One dollar per vote. The winner gets pulled from the regular rotation for a year.


Thanks for replying!
I guess I’ll answer your original question, by saying that I personally am not a fan of the more contemporary / pop style, but I understand that it can speak to people strongly and emotionally. It generally does not seem to fit the formal liturgical style of a Catholic Mass, in my opinion.


You would probably have the music director playing all the worst music before the fundraiser, though, so people will stuff the ballot boxes…:rofl:


Even Mozart and Palestrina were pop music at one point


During mass? I’m definitely more of a chant/polyphony kind of girl.

Now, outside of mass? I listen to all sorts of contemporary worship music and also gospel music.


Depends on the mass and my mood. Some days I appreciate a good Latin mass with chant. Some days I wanna hear how great thou art in a ordinary form mass

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