Does anyone here know anything about the carmelite nuns of cristo rey?

I know its been forever sice I post on here but I was really hoping maybe someone knew of anything about them?

Could this be what you are looking for?

Their website isn’t up yet.

There were originally founded by the Carmel in Guadalajara, so are “Spanish” Carmelites, and may be bilingual.

Somewhere undoubtedly here or on phatmass, I read that they were exploring merger with the Carmel in…Carmel, CA. They have a huge traditional chapel and courtyard with a cloister. surely the folks interested in Carmel here or on phat have information.

Rather, it was the Carmelites from the monastery in Kensington, CA (which closed) which merged with them. They were down to something like 5 Sisters and several are elderly.

Cristo Rey is very traditional although they are not under the 1990 Constitutions but the 1991s. A girl on PM visited them some time ago, There are a few pictures there on the 2nd page.

Yes, they are a bilingual community, and alternate praying the Office in English and Spanish,

Thank you so much this really helped me!

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