Does anyone here ONLY listen to religious music?

This is something which I myself do, in part due to the teachings of my faith but also a personal wish to spend more time aimed towards Allah/God and towards spending time in religious activity and practice.

So, does anyone, particularly of the Catholic population of the forum. only choose to listen to religiously themed music? What made you choose to do this? And how did you make the change from listening to ordinary music to only religious songs?

I do like to listen to music that lifts up my mind to my Catholic faith and the Lord Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother.

I like various kinds of such religious music as they take me to focus on the things of the Lord, and inspire me to follow the Lord more closely.

For a long time I have not been at all interested in popular music that comes and goes with its popularity, and now the various kinds of religious music (from John Michael Talbot to the Gregorian Chant, also Byzantine chant, instrumentals of sacred music, full choirs, etc.) is what means the most to me.

Do you find you prefer stuff with instruments or simply vocal performance?

I like both! An excellent blend of just voices is beautiful, and those accompanied by instruments well played is great also. :slight_smile:

I’ve been moving more in that direction,
choosing Christian stations over rock and roll or country,
would listen to a Catholic station if one were nearby …
for Lent I’ve given up listening to the radio
to make space for Holy Silence.

Am planning a road trip cross country after Easter,
at which time I’ll likely listen to all kinds of music,
both religious and more secular
to see what the local people listen to
in the places I’ll be visiting.

Where can a person get Gregorian Chant music on record?

You may find that so many radio stations all sound alike. Many of them are remote controlled from far away from their local markets and they carry just enough ads and PSAs to make them “sound” local. Example, a few years ago our city had a severe storm come through but only one radio station had live announcers to give reports on the aftermath of the storm. The rest of the stations didn’t even seem to have a clue!:confused:

That one is my favorite. Do a search of that Abbey (Clear Creek) and I believe you can find out how to order it.

Several years ago I sent a donation, and they have sent me about four CD’s over the years. They are beautiful!

I have met parents of teen-aged children who said they keep Gregorian Chant on in their house often.
It is so calming and uplifting.

Thanks for the heads up.
In that case, I’ll go back to Christian,
Catholic if I can find it,
or silence
and enjoy the view. :slight_smile:

I listen to CCM probably 50% of the time at work and driving…30% probably Gregorian Chants/New Age Gregorian/Buddhist/Hindu/Native American chants and similar music when at home…10% Celtic instrumental/harp/classical including Andrea Bocelli CD’s and like when at home…classic "rock/soul/40-50’s music when at home.

Rarely do I listen to secular music stations…unless they’re playing 20/30/40/50’s music.

There are even local affiliates of K-Love Christian Radio, which is a “network” of stations across the country,
K-LOVE is your home for contemporary Christian music. Listen online or find a radio station near you. K-Love is headquartered in Rocklin, California and has remote studios across the country.

Thank you. I think I’ve heard K-LOVE stations in different parts of Ohio.
Nice to know there’ll be one while I’m driving through Illinois.

In our area K-Love broadcasts over 9l,1 and 9l.7 FM out of Rockford, Illinois

Most record shops I’ve been in sell chant music under ‘classical’ or sometimes ‘vocal’ genres. You might have to go to bigger ones to find more than the usual obvious selections.

I enjoy religious music, but it’s not for every occasion.

Sometimes I just want to listen to some Muddy Waters, other times Frank Sinatra, and yet other times Deadmau5.

I don’t care for modern Christian music at all, thus I never listen to it.

I never listen to Country music and I never listen to Christian Rock/rap/whatever.

i listen to K-Love and Air-1, for music. Ewtn at other times. But there are areas, all these stations go static. So I sometimes listen to an oldeis 60’s70’s 80’s station.

I stopped listening to regular radio, durring the Bill Clinton Scandles. DJ’s loved to gossip.

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