Does anyone here own the prayerbook "Blessed Be God"?

Hi everyone, I am considering purchasing the prayer book “blessed be God” and was wondering if anyone else uses it or owns it. does it contain a lot of prayers and is it durable? I like for my prayer books to last a long time. And is it comparable to “my Prayer Book” by Father Lasance?

thanks everyone!

Blessed Be God is my favorite prayer book. I found it about 10 years ago at an estate sale in Baltimore for twenty-five cents. My copy is leather covered, was a Christmas present to someone in 1947. I’m not sure how much use it got because the gilding is only partially worn off.

It does contain lots and lots of prayers. I have not seen Fr. Lasance’s prayer book. So, I can’t do any comparison. I have Fr. Hardon’s prayer book too. And while I like it, I turn more to Blessed Be God.

My husband also has a copy of Blessed Be God that we bought on e-bay. And he uses his all the time too. Unfortunately, his copy was given as a Christmas present in 1928 and got lots of use. The cover has needed mending with heavy duty tape. But, it’s still useable.

I have no idea how well one of the newer published copies would hold up. I certainly would not buy a paper back copy. Get something more durable. Go to a Catholic bookstore to check it out before you decide to buy. Or, do they not have them?

**I own a copy (Blessed Be God). I picked one up at the FSSP chapel in Florida. IT IS AWESOME, to say the least. LOADED with prayers, traditional ones too. It has the ordinary of the Mass, Vespers for Sunday, and tons of other devotional material, in addition to having material for meditation and reflection, taken from the Imitation of Christ and Sacred Scripture. Mine cost $35 or so, but it was worth it. Fr. Lasance’s “My Prayer book” is awesome as well. **

Yes…here is info so we are on same “sheet of music”

Very Rev Callan, OP & Very Rev McHugh, OP
Preserving Christian Publications
Boonville, NY

A priest-chaplain gave it to me as a gift (we were together in Parris Island and a combat tour together…he left…entered Seminary…came back and we served again in combat and peacetime duties…he now as a chaplain)…It has my name & Military Service (USMC) embossed in the leather cover.

It is a very compact prayer book…at 748 pages…very flexible, soft feel…but very durable …top-notch quality: binding, leather cover, gilded gold edged paper (prayers/sections begin with first letter in a large Script-Style—artistic lettering), also has beautiful black and white art works/etchings throughout…some Catholic logos…(Lamb,etc).

I am a Pre-Vatican II cradle Catholic who loves all the Pre-Vatican II “stuff”…but a not a pure Traditionalist…grateful for the opportunity to Pray the EF Mass…when I can…but also love the OF of Holy Mass. This prayer book is Pre-Vatican II wording…has Tridentine Mass in Latin/English (side-by-side)…and numerous Votive Masses (Wedding, Funeral, etc). I find the older style wording…not nostalgic…but uplifting and elegant in prayer.

When you see it…its compact size is at first a bit of a surprise…but simultaneously its exceptional quality and voluminous content (some Catechetical content…e.g. sacraments)…will be very, very pleasing…put a smile on your heart.

Not sure of costs…but I know its not cheap…quality is too rich and elegant…when I sent my priest-chaplain friend a letter of “thanks”…I told him since he was so kind and generous to me…the next time we get together…the Marie Livingston Steakhouse dinner is “on me”…he sent me a note back with one word…“dinners”!

Lastly, my wife takes it to Adoration…and in the evenings after dinner and TV/noise is gone…she likes to browse/pray/meditate using it…I don’t get to “confiscate” it as my own…but even that makes me smile when I see how much she enjoys it.
Hope this is somewhat helpful.
Pax Christi

I own a copy and bring it to every Mass and use it at home. One of my first posts here on CAF was about this prayer book so I’ll just copy it here.

*Blessed Be God by Preserving Christian Publications. It is 700-plus pages of every traditional Catholic prayer you can think of and then some and even has the Order of the Mass for the TLM. It is very well-made.

Disclaimer: the prayers are in the older formal English (Thee, Thou, vouchsafe, etc.) and is my preference but may not be yours. I find it to be most useful and excellent. It is pricey at $34 but it should last you a lifetime. Good luck and God Bless.*

Thanks everyone for your replies! Just out of curiosity, do any of you use a vinyl cover to protect the cover? of just the leather? thanks again!

I just bought the book, I can’t wait to see the prayers for Ember days and Rogation days!

Yes. Excellent book, but it is missing the St. Michael chaplet and the St. Brigette prayers, both of which you can get online and just print out and add to it. But watch out how the devil will dissuade you from using it.

I have this prayerbook and love it. I also have the Liturgy of the Hours (ICEL), Liturgia Horarum (LotH in its official Latin), Baronius Press Roman Breviary (1962), and Benedictine Monastic Diurnal (1963). While the Office is a great way to pray, I find that Blessed Be God is way more practical. The book is in English (but it is Elizabethan English with Thee’s and Thou’s that make my prayer more transcendent) and it is more portable. That means it gets used more often.

I don’t use a vinyl cover because it adds thickness and makes it less portable.

You won’t be upset with this prayerbook. I would recommend you get a ribbon set, fold it in half, and use it to mark different sections that you use daily. It will make it more “quick access”. Here’s a link to a useful set:

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