Does anyone here watch the History Channel' s The Universe series?

I record all sorts of educational shows for my kids. I recorded The Universe for my 15 year old son but my youngest daughter has fallen in love with this series. Today she began excitedly telling me about wormholes, black holes, exploding stars. She has a speech impediment so when she speaks quickly-as she tends to do when excited-I can’t always understand her. But apparently she is getting a lot out of this program. I thought that other parents might want to be aware of this history channel program and set it to record on their systems.

Oh wow! Are we the only nerdy family on this forum?:stuck_out_tongue:

I look in on the program ocasionally. It’s a light show. I wonder, though, is it science, or just somebody talking? One thing for sure, 99.999% of what you see is computer graphics.

It is good for a nine year old. that is why I suggested that some families might like it.

Yes, most of it is talking. Any time a nine year old starts to discuss worm holes and the beginning of the universe it is a good thing.:slight_smile:

She doesn’t quite yet need a detailed description of quantum physics.:stuck_out_tongue: There is an amazing amount of information that she retains from this program. If anyone has a young, future science geek in their house, that child would probably enjoy this show.

I enjoy the show very much; it always reinforces my awe of creation.

I agree. :slight_smile:

No. You’re not and stay the course. I can hear my two sons with “oh, no, Daddy’s lecturing, again”. A funny thing happened - at 26 my oldest is trying to learn Latin and my youngest at 23 declared himself to be a history major. I haven’t seen this particular series on the History Channel (and quite frankly, some of what I HAVE seen on THC is “off the wall”). May I suggest NOVA or Scientific American on PBS?

As for me, I am a product of the Bell science movies that were shown to us back in Catholic school in the 60s. And, we always had a TV set in the classroom for the Mercury, Geminii, and Apollo live launches. It is so important to give kids an alternative to modern media and sports heros.

Not at all! My DD doesn’t like that kind of thing, but I do and so does my Dad. He was the one that told me about it. :nerd:

Everything on the History Channel (THC) that doesn’t deal with WWII or military history is always presented through a secular humanist atheistic point of view.

I believe THC was owned originally by CBS, and that is why they a long time ago the channel had the former news correspondent Roger Mudd introduce the various programs. We all know that, in my opinion, CBS is the most liberal of the three major U.S. networks.

I’m not sure which corporation owns it now; it could still be CBS.

THC often has shows about the Bible, Jesus, the Apostles, other biblical themes, but they are not presented in a manner which bolsters people’s faith, but, in my opinion, quite the opposite.

Any shows dealing with science will also be shown through a secular humanist atheistic point of view and the same thing on PBS (remember COSMOS) in my opinion.

Instead of watching these types of programs, turn the TV off, and listen to some old Catholic Answers programs. I’m sure they have a few on faith and science.

You can watch it, but, caveat, just know that whoever makes the shows are going to try and test your faith as much as possible.

Normally I watch the shows with my children. Although I admit that I missed the one on wormholes and was surprised that my youngest was discussing them. Thus far I haven’t found anything objectionable in the series.

Anything that we watch, we discuss, so any issues that are against our beliefs can be dealt with immediately. That is one of the advantages of homeschooling.:thumbsup:

I have gotten aggravated with the History Channel before, but I normally preview shows before the kids do. So, in this area we are pretty safe.:slight_smile:

A show that I wished that I could find is Connections. I might have the title wrong. It showed all the connections between modern inventions, history, scientific achievements and how they were discovered. I would love to watch that show with my kids.

Thank you for both suggestions. I will see if my local PBS channel still has these shows or if I can get them from the library.

Science has to do with predicting. For example, pick a number - say, 3,821. Science allows us to determine to the nearest thousandth of a second what time the moon will rise on Dec. 9th 3,821 years from today.

These TV shows that are mentioned have more to do with psychology. A guy tells a story and computer graphics seem to prove all the details - right before your eyes. There is an agenda behind these shows that is much less discussed.

Here’s a link with two sub-links to three short videos that demonstrate how to use science to expose popular “science.” The first sub-link is particularly good.

It’s a favorite in our house! We get the podcasts off i-tunes.

Oh, wow! An all time favorite of DW and I - and there were three seasons of this show - we have them on VCR.

But before Connections there was Jacob Bronowski and his program the Ascent of Man. DW is an English type and I am Anthropology and History…Bronowski’s explanation of the Pythagorean Theorum made complete and absolute sense to us liberal arts types. If only I had been taught geometry by Bronowski rather than a jock coach. That is high praise, indeed!

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