Does anyone/[is anyone planning to] play Final Fantasy XIV?

Does anyone/[is anyone planning to] play Final Fantasy XIV?

Nope. But isn’t it ironic that something billing itself as “final” is running on its fourteenth installment?

Haha I know. I asked someone about this. They said that the first Final Fantasy game was going to be their last game, but it was really successful so they continued to make them. I wonder what they’ll name the final Final Fantasy.

“This Time We Really Mean It’s Final Fantasy XCVII”

There will never be an end to the Final Fantasies. It’s not like the games have anything in common that would require a last game. The genre for role playing will always be there and therefore, so will a final fantasy.

Just for fun, to my knowledge, the only thing that the final fantasies have in common are:

  1. Chocobos
  2. Moogles
    3)Bahamut, Behemoth, etc. all the monsters that appear
  3. There may be a few common music themes but overall it is different
  4. There is generally a character always named Cid, although no relation from one game to the other

Now I have not played a final fantasy game in full since IX, but I really like the games.

I’m surprised you forget to mention the spells. :wink:


Also, it’s not a spell but there’s also the ever classic, one-hit-kill Zantetsuken. :smiley:

Christmas of 1999 all my female inlaws received gold bracelets.

My DH bought me a “Playstation.” :confused::rolleyes:(I was not a gamer)

I had this thing, I guess I had to use it. I rented Final Fantasy ? (The one with Quistis and Squall takes place in an Academy?)

I liked it, so I bought it, and played it until the end. It took me about 6 months, half hour a night.

So I remember the Zantetsuken. It was a Knight on a white horse with I think a mace, he’d just show up and win the battle for you.

Haha, yeah, they always have the same themes. I saw a pre-release trailer for Final Fantasy XIV and these Japanese people were cheering when it showed a chocobo lol.

I was hoping that someone would say that they’re planning on playing it because I’ve started playing it. It’s really good, but since it’s online, you get a lot of people typing ‘omg’, or ‘jesus’ etc… and it would be nice if someone with the same belief as me on this played it.

Nah, I’m waiting on Guild Wars 2 personally.

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