Does anyone know about Latin American soap opera "comics"?

Okay this is going to be a bit tricky to describe.I know that in Hispanic countries they have their own comic industry (the Incal I think might be an example) in a way but I dont think that they have the same kind of impact like superhero comics in the .U.S. and manga in Japan.This is the odd thing though as far as demographics go.I think their actually read by older people and still do on rare occasions.I mean I remember when I was little seeing people decades older then me read them.From what I’ve noticed so far they can range from little moral stories,historical fiction,some fantasy stuff to fairly inappropriate romantic soap operas.However I cant really go into much detail because even though I think my ability to read Spanish is good enough to read something like that I’ve never actually gotten into reading a complete little book of those things from beginning to end.The things that makes me wonder about wether they can be considered comics is the art.The cover art ussally kind of looks like old pulp magazine covers from the first half of the 20th century or old mexican movie posters.The art though is’nt something striking.It’s not like Jim Lee,Billy Tan,Lennil Yu or any of those guys.The art at most kind of reminds me of Neal Adams old stuff from like the late 60’s and 70’s but less detailed.The interior art is kind of closer to detailed newspaper comics like Rex Morgan,Modesty Blaise or the old James Bond comic strips.Maybe one I’ll eventually read one and tell you guys more about it.Two that I have are “Historia Semenal de amor y pasion #76-la sangre enemiga” (Weekly story of love and passion #76-the enemy blood" and “Libro sentimental #1476:La Billetera” (Sentimental book:the wallet).I have a feeling that people are fimilar in some way with spanish language soap operas and that what some of these books are.As far as romance in American comics go I personally have’nt really seen any I think (not that I’m into that stuff).But what I was wondering is if the same way in recent years American comics have let in romance,action and drama elements from Japanese manga maybe they can let elements from Hispanic comics (I feel a bit tempted to call them pulp novels) permeate and offer/contribute some new and nice things.Also if there’s anyone who knows what I’m talking about when I refer to to these (what I’ll call for now) Hispanic comics I’d really appreciate if you can post something about it as well.Thank you for your time.

There were Romance comics in the US and Canada from around 1947 until the late 70s. DC Comics, Charlton Comics, Marvel, all published some at one time. I remember reading “Young Romance”, “Modern Love” etc. back when I was in Jr. & High school.

Here’s a list of pretty much all such comics published.

Here’s a selection of covers to give you an idea of what they were like.

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