Does anyone know about reiki?

Does anyone know about reiki? Could anyone help me out with how to show the incompatibility of the Catholic faith with reiki? Here’s the blog where I learned about this:

Although I have an idea where to start, I would like to hear from you guys first. Thanks for your imput!:slight_smile:

I learned only a little bit about Reiki from Johnette from her show on EWTN and when she was on “Life On The Rock” on EWTN a couple of times. But never looked more into it.

I think it is cut and dry that it is clearly not compatible with Catholicism.

We only have one “life force” and that is God through Jesus Christ… not some “spirit” that we conjure up as that “spirit” can also be Satan himself. So I don’t believe in this practice at all. God gave us means of bringing Jesus Christ into our hearts through the Sacraments. That is all I need for “healing” of my soul/spirit.

Not strictly germane, but I once read a knee-bendingly funny telephone transcript whose author/caller dialed up a Reiki centre and tried to learn from the manager whether he could reverse the method, and drain the energy of strangers for his own purposes.

I think the answer boiled down to “no.” Pity.

Stay far away from it. It is repackaged as touch healing art that is supposedly non-religious, but my wife was a second degree Reiki well before it was hip and popular - this was in the early 90’s. Reiki is Zen Buddhist and a Reiki believes themselves to be channeling spirits through themselves to their hands thay supposedly heal the person being touched. It is playing with demons and un-christian. Don’t believe the euphemisms you find with new practitioners such as “touch work”. It is bad stuff.

Here is real like Reiki horror story. My sister in law was dying of Leukemia to which she succumbed to in 1994 at the age of 21. My wife and her mother were into Reiki and brought in the Reiki master often to lay hands on my SIL. Shortly before she died, the Reiki master and a bunch of other Reikis we surrounding my SIL in her hospital bed doing their thing. When Denise, the RM, demanded my father in law leave the room because his “energy was negative”. So they kicked him out and he lost precious time with his daughter who died days later. He and my wife have never gotten over it. And it did nothing to help my SIL beyond the psychological.

It is just the latest repackaging of occult/new age with doctor **** pretending it is real medicine. At the time my Greek Orthodox MIL would justify the practice by saying she was channeling Jesus. :rolleyes:

…my last sentence above should say “…witch doctor” not “with doctor”. Sorry.

There is nothing evil about Reiki that I am aware of. IMO, most folks who are critical of it really don’t know that much about it. Many practitioners of it believe their healing power comes from God. Now if they claim it comes from somewhere else then there might be a reason to be concerned.

BTW, in the post where the relative was forced to leave the room, I agree, that was wrong.

Here is web site that might help clarify it, at least from a Christian point of view.

Many nursing schools and hospitals are starting to conduct reiki classes. The Govt’s alternative medicine center has started studies on Reiki.

My wife is a nurse and a Reiki master herself and there is nothing evil about her. While I don’t fully understand it myself, I don’t think “evil” is in the equation.

BTW, nobody conjures up any spirits as far as I know.

Try not to fall into the trap of “It’s different, I don’t understand it, so it must be bad”. I tend to fall into that trap myself at times.

You’ll find, most here on this board are naysayers about Reiki. This is their opinion and they are welcome to it.

Bottom line: If you don’t approve, then stay away from it.

I am sorry, Mike. But you are basically saying “Don’t confuse me with the facts”. This is syncretism, combing pagan practices with Christian. You cannot harmonize channeling with Christianity, it is demonic. You cannot be a Buddhist Chirstian. No one said your wife is evil, but the fact thatnurses and chiropractors are into it says nothing about it medically, it just shows how new age, touchy feely nonsense has slipped into the medical profession. My sister and niece are nurses and asked me if I even heard of it. Most have no idea what it is. They just think it is warm energy from your hands and that is what most patients hear. I am sorry we don’t “channel” God. He is not our puppet.

Your link says: *Because Reiki is a laying on hands healing technique similar to what Jesus practiced, it is especially appealing. *

That is just nonsense, unless you think Jesus was a Buddhist. Comparing the power of God Almighty to heal by the laying on of hands and Reiki is absurd.

You wife has not business practicing Eastern religious arts if she is a Christian. Doesn’t matter how one justifies it. My was studying Reiki from around 1990 up to 1996 (it used to take a lot longer to become a master). I studied it. It is pagan and most likely demonic, plain and simple.

I really don’t mean offense but it is like trying saying there is Christian voodoo.

I do not agree with your assessment, but again, you are entitled to your opinion. However, this is a forum, open, as far as I know. When somebody asks a question, and I feel they are only getting 1 side of the story, then it behooves me to offer an opposing view (and more correct IMO).

BTW, you have absolutely no proof that Reiki is demonic or evil and to assert such a thing is borderline irresponsible. This is strictly your opinion only, and you should ensure you say as much.

in my younger, more casual-Catholic days I did visit a reike practioner who was an Ursuline nun for several months, with other ladies of our parish prayer group. I don’t remember any specific spirituality associated with it, just a good massage that really helped a chronic pain problem immensely. However we broke with that “spirituality center” the nuns were running because they hosted a Sofia Celebration, basically a goddess-worship festival on the grounds of their Catholic girls school.

that was an eye opener for us in the prayer group, so we started paying a lot more attention to things that were going on, looking for more authentic Catholic spirituality. Some of us joined the parish Adult Ed and Formation commission and helped research and bring to the parish much more orthodox speakers, bible studies etc. than had been common in the past. So even contact with something potentially dangerous had a good outcome in the end. I believe some of these ladies responded to grace of the Holy Spirit in investigating and discerning such things.

From Catholic Answers:

Q: Is the practice of **reiki **morally wrong? A relative is starting to become involved and I am concerned for her.

A: Reiki is not a Christian religious practice. It is from Japanese Buddhism and involves non-Christian religious principles (e.g., moving around one’s life energy or ki-the ki in reiki). The practice of reiki is not consonant with Catholic spirituality.

You may also find this helpful:

Healing Touch:Trouble with Angels

I am also no stranger to reiki. I have known many people (including so-called masters) who have practiced this new age technique. I belief that it is a great deception for those who are drawn into this farce. It often leads to further and deeper involement with the destructive “new age spirituality”. Those who support it, will defend it rigorously, but they are blind to the nature of its deception. We must pray for those who are caught in this lie.:gopray2:

I have known alot of Reiki practitioners over the years. Most were hostile to Christianity. Now actual Christians are being duped. If someone is chaneling something, Mike, and it is not God, then what is it? I have seen the dark side of Reiki.

Plus, essential in Reiki is seeing people auras and the color to determine their major malfunction. There is nothing Christian in this. If one is a Reiki practioner, objecitvely speaking they are Buddhist practitioner. There is no middle ground on this. Disagree all you want, but you are offering nothing in support other than your wife does it. That is not a reasonable defense. Not that I want you on the defensive, I want you to be aware of the spiritual danger for your wife’s sake. Is she a Buddhist or a Christian? There has to be a decision there at some point. My wife had to make that choice and she went kicking and screaming.

In fact she tried to “Reiki” me when we dating and was shocked that she could not perceive any aura around me or effect me in anyway, she got good at some Reiki tricks that I will not mention. This shoock her and she determined to was the presence of the Holy Spirit protecting. This was instrumental in her conversion to Christ. She saw the evil of Reiki for what it was. And I am sure you know that if people practice Reiki, then 9 times out of 10 they practice other new age arts as well.

It is not innocent.


Reiki is one of those new age gateway drugs becaus to the recipient they are only experiencing warm hands. But Reiki never stands alone it always end up leading to other new age/pagan practices as you pointed out.

Meaning no disrespect, but maybe you are the one who is blind. How can healing be considered evil? If one calls on God power to help somebody feel better, how is this evil? At the very least, nothing will happen. However, many experiences have been documented as to it’s benefit. Who is to say this is not God’s work?

I believe some New Age stuff is nonsense, no doubt. However I think Reiki, if practiced with God in the picture, has some legitimacy.

Yes, but neither you nor me nor anyone else will convince Mike otherwise. He and I went round and round with this a number of months ago. I understand that I am not going to change his mind. But I have been praying for him.

No offence taken. The wretched sinner that I am blinds me to many things. But Reiki is new age. It is not supported by Scripture and it is not supported by Sacred Tradition. There is no need for a buddhistic healing ritual that sometimes claims it is from God. Prayer is powerful and the sacraments are like a healing balm.

I will continue to pray for you and your wife.

Well, we could go back and forth all day on this. You have not offered anything really credible against Reiki except your wife’s experience, and your personal research on it. I’ve offered the same, so we’re even. You haven’t proven at all that Reiki is evil and demonic. I will concede that if any practitioners feel their healing art comes from anywhere else other than God then there is a potential problem, and those folks should be avoided.

Well, I appreciate your prayers; we can all use more of those. However, I disagree that “touch” healing (which is what Reiki really is) is not supported by scripture. There are several examples:

Q. How do we know that healing is appropriate for Christians to do?
A. In I Corinthians 14:1 Paul tell us to eagerly desire spiritual gifts. In I Corinthians 12: 28 Paul says that healing is one of the gifts. Paul also says that each of the gifts is best expressed with love. Also, Jesus is quoted in John 14:12 as saying, “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I go to the Father.” We know that Jesus practiced laying on hands type healing, therefore, it is scriptural for Christian to practice healing by laying on hands.

Q. How do we know that Reiki comes from God? I’ve heard some people say Reiki comes from Satan. How can I know the truth?
A. Our understanding about Satan comes from the Bible. No where in the Bible do we find an instance where Satan healed someone. Satan tempts people to sin but Satan does not heal people. Furthermore, in Luke 6:44, Jesus says, “Each tree is recognized by its own fruit.” Which is to say that if something is beneficial and helps people, and those results are long lasting such as the healing people receive from Reiki, then it must be good and come from God.

The I will leave you with the words of scripture “What fellowship does light have with darkness?”. You have been warned, Mike, I will not hound you. I will pray for you and your wife.



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