Does anyone know about the Words From Jesus book?

Hey everyone. I have a book that was sent to me in the mail. I can't remember what organization sent it to me or why but anyway it is a book full of what appear to be private revelations given to someone who was to share them with the world. I really don't know whether it is a good book or not in terms of theology and such. It doesn't appear to have any author. There are at least 2 volumes of this book because I have Volume II. If you know anything about this book, please let me know what you know. I don't want to read a book that is unorthodox or that contains false revelations. Thanks!

From Googling:
Theres a lady named Jennifer who claims to be receiving ***words from Jesus.***
Her current spiritual director is Fr. Joe......rather vague!
She says that she heard our Lord
s voice saying: "Come to Me", during Mass in April 2001. Her husband didn`t hear it.

She mentions "The Warning"; when each person will see the state of his soul as God sees it. This was predicted at Garabandal which was condemned by successive bishops.
She has our Lord saying: " the disciples and I gathered in the upper room of the temple...". Etc.
There`s imperfect grammar in some places...
It looks suspicious.

Does Volume II cover 2002?
There`s an index of "Messages Released after Volume II Book", starting with 2003.

Link to Jennifer:

Link to some comments by Karl Keating re Garabandal.

Here`s another one:
And it sounds batty!

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