Does anyone know anything about Denis, Matthew, and Sheila Linn?


Thread says it all. Are they orthodox?


Looking at their website and browsing around other sites a bit, it seems to me they are slightly on the New Age side of things in the mold of people like Richard Rohr of Enneagram infamy and the like (many of their books are recommended and sold by the same types of New Age organizations and websites).

They seem to be heavy into the “healing of memories” type of thing. The team is composed of one Jesuit priest and one former Jesuit priest who left the priesthood to marry the third member of the team.

They are published by Paulist Press (which is always a warning flag for me).

My personal recommendation is to give them a wide berth.


I’ve used their ‘Sleeping With Bread’ (an introduction to the Ignatian examen) with many people, and they’ve found it incredibly helpful. It has a very simple style in order to be very accessible.

I highly recommend it.


I think the Linn team is “hit or miss”. I found To Heal as Jesus Healed very inspiring. The book is biblical based. It gives a very positive view of death.

Healing Religious Abuse and Spiritual Addiction was pretty good. It delved into some 12 step/dysfunctional family theories. There were diagnoses made w/o any solutions. I was left feeling empty. I also found some of the metaphors to be a little too outrageous. They would compare different types of children with biblical characters- just a bit too stretched. I, too, noticed some bits of New Age-ism here and there. I’d give it a C+.

Belonging: Bonds of Healing and Recovery was also a fair read. What I remember the most is the use of 12-Step platitudes and some New Age-y ideas.

The Linn teams hits people over the head with healing, sometimes to the point of making problems out of nothing. They can very much perpetuate people who have “psychological hypocondria”. Their picture books are especially “cheesy”- Sleeping with Bread is silly, to me. Then again, I’ve researched Ignatian exman from a more academic perspective.


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