Does anyone know if D.Q. McInerny, Ph.D. is still Catholic?

A friend of mine is trying use him to “show me the light” in the errors of the Catholic Church. He says D.Q. McInerny, Ph.D. is an ex Catholic. If that is true is he still working at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary?

An internet search didn’t bring up anything that mentions what your friend said.

Even if it were true, he wouldn’t be able to show you any “light”. :slight_smile:

Hello Kirk O.,

Yes, he’s still there. At least, he had an article in the May 2011 issue of the FSSP newsletter. So, he is not an “ex Catholic.” He is more traditionally minded than most but still firmly in the bounds of orthodoxy, if I can use such an expression.


This is what my freind wrote to me:
“Brother D.Q. McInerny, Ph. D. is no longer Catholic nor Religious even though he grew up Catholic by his parents. He stated that he was baptized Catholic, brought up in Catholic schools- grade school, high school, even college. However, He left all that behind to press on toward the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus being Spiritual. John 3:1-8. Jesus said we all must be Born Again of water and spirit. See I Corinthians 2:7-3:11. The foundation of Jesus Christ, not Mary his mother. Amen”

He also says he wrote an artcle last month, June 2011 The articles title was “Spiritual, But Not Religious” and I guess this is where he states he left the Church and why. I can’t find it anywhere on the web. My next step is to call the The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter. I Hope he is wrong abot the Dr.

I hope they are indeed wrong about the Dr. Do call them and see what is said and please post it on here.

I am going through his books right now studying. They have been a huge help to me.

I did call the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter about a month or two ago, looking for an email address. I found out if you want to mail him, you have to mail him at the school, he does not do email. But he was there at the time I called.

God bless.

Good news. I just talked to the Seminary and Dr. McInerny is still a Catholic and he was actually there today. They are going to email me the article that must have confused my friend into thinking all of this. I will post the article when I get the email. Maybe there is something in there for all of us.
I can’t wait to read it and see where he went wrong. I wonder if it is because he can’t comprehend that Catholics can be spiritual.

Ahhh very good. I am relieved.

That’s wonderful.

God bless.

Thank You:):slight_smile:

Maybe thru all of this you’ll be able to get your friend to read some of D.Q. McInerny’s books. They’re great.

Yes that would be great. I might have to pick a few up for myself I really liked the the article. Here is the PDF file with the article.[ATTACH]11197[/ATTACH]

I think your friend got confused cuz they did not read the following sentences from this article.

I will put yself in the shoes of one of its advocates, and thus try to expalin it to you in a manner he would be likely to adopt.

And the part where he does this is in quotes.

I get the newsletter every time they mail it out. I am going through his books and would recommend them.

I am thinking of starting this article as a topic becuase I am running into people who claim that they are spiritual instead of being religious. And frankly, this article was an answer to prayer.

I love his way of writing and his way with words. Truth is so refreshing.

God bless.

So this is what I wrote back to my freind. Tell me how I went wrong:

“I will say, God has you on a path, it is up to you to decide if you will follow it or not. There are reasons that we can not understand why things happen the way they do. I suggest you read Dr. McInerny’s article one more time… He has not left the Church and would never do so. He was actually at work today when I called the seminary for the article. He suggested you reread it and to notice that the quotation marked paragraphs are not about him but a made up Catholic. The question I have for you is, how could you have misinterpreted it so wrongly? Where you reading it in a way that your own beliefs influenced its intended meaning? I trust the Church to interpret the Bible not because I am too stupid to read it but because I have not been given the authority to do so. I am to inclined to make the Bible say what I want it to say and ignore what it is saying. That is why there are over 30,000 different Protestant denominations out there, with every one of them saying they have it right and everyone else is wrong. Think about it. He wants you to find the peace that only His sacraments (there are seven, look them up) can give you and they are only found in His Church.”

This was his response:

“Kirk! You are missing the point. Dr. McInerny didn’t leave the Catholic organization he remains there the way Jesus taught the religious Jews in their synagogues. He is truly born again of the Spirit, not religious. Please read John 3:1-8 please. You are acting like Nicodemus the religious leader. I love you brother, but please read the scriptures for yourself prayerfully. Amen”

He can’t even face the fact he read the article wrong and his whole argument falls to peices if Dr. McInery is still Catholic. He then asked me if I even read the article (I thought I told him I did?) So my last response is:

“Yes I did read it with the help of the author. You just don’t understand what the Church is. Until you do you will be against her. She is a spiritual Church that is made up of men. l am religious and proud of it but I am also spiritual… You see the author was arguing for that not the other way around.
Brother I do read the Bible daily and pray daily but I do not make the bible into my own pocket decoder to fit my own views. The Bible can not be swung around to make cases against its very creator. It needs be used as a body of work as a whole not cut up into pieces.
If you want to think I am lost that is your right to think that but you should stop trying to save me because I am safe here with Jesus and all of His Saints in Heaven. When you arrive here there is a peace that transcends upon you. I pray that you find that peace someday. To find it one has to be truly humble to God’s will and not his own. Blessings”

What am I doing wrong or is there little hope for someone that is so set that they have it all right and the Church is so wrong. He seems so blind to what ever I show him.:shrug:

Thanks I need as much help as I can get with my freinds. I forgot to mention he calls himself Apostle Harry:eek:

You are doing nothing wrong. However once one decided to be blinded to Truth and closes themselves off from it, there is nothing you can do except to step away and pray for your friend.

You are doing quite well in my opinion. However, don’t forget to pray for him. Live your life so that all men can see that God is in You and that His Church is indeed the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith.

I will be praying for you and your friends.

God bless.

You did nothing wrong. Your message to him was very well written, and had a lot of insight in it.

Don’t lose hope for him, just continue to pray for him and radiate the peace of Christ.

Thank you for all of your help. I still need more. Should I just let this drop for awhile? He just does not seem to listening to anything except his himself. This was his last response and he seems to be getting angry:

“Please read the scriptures how God and Jesus Christ set up the True Church ( I Corinthians 12:27-28 and Ephesians 4: 8-16 ) with the help of the Holy Ghost the author of the Bible and pray in Jesus name because Mary his mother is dead, but… Jesus Christ still lives. No where in the Bible (KJV) does it mention the Catholic church, the Baptist church, Methodist Church: these are man made religions with their laws and traditions ( Matthew 15:1-9 ) to lead us to Christ. Please, please Kirk pray that God give you understanding, wisdom, and knowledge before reading. Amen. Love all the saints.”

What am I to do? :confused: I am not going to go back and forth with scripture verses. I have learned it does no good to use scripture with a person that believes in Bible alone. Am I wrong?

My thought is let it go, especially since you mention that he is getting angry. Just pray for him for now, unless he initiates another discussion.

Yeah, I would probably let it go for now as well. If he is getting angry then he is getting frustrated because you are not seeing it his way. I agree, people forget to take the bible in it’s entire context. It is not a book of verses. They forget who the person is talking to, the customs at the time, etc. I’ve realized that by being ingornant of history, I was being ingornant to scripture as well. People will read and understand it the way they want. Normally it is because of a bias towards the Catholic Church or some other thing. When you read conversion stories, so many of them say how terrified they were or how scared they were about finding out the Catholic Church is the true church. Imagine yourself in their shoes. All their life they have been taught something wrong. They do embrace their bible upbringing which I never had but had to learn on my own as a Catholic. It is easy for us to, to become frustrated. We see it clearly. Back to the old saying, baby steps. Good luck and let us know of the progress. We do not convert people. The Holy Spirit does.

Yeah I would let it go. You can lead a horse to the water but you cannot force him to drink. He knows your views and you are willing to discuss it with him, but for now peace of mind and heart for you is paramount.

God bless.

Yes, he is still Catholic, teaching is orthodox and he is faithful. He still teaches at Our Lady of Guadalupe seminary.

When someone can’t read a fairly simple text correctly, it’s pretty hard to have any kind of substantive argument with him.

You could be a bit snarky and point out that if he misread this text so badly, how can he be sure he’s reading the Bible correctly? But I don’t think that would really help. . . .


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