Does anyone know if there are any anti-Catholic tirades on YouTube? I need a laugh

Yeah, for some twisted reason I get a kick out of Evangelicals ranting and raving about how corrupt the Church is and all that stuff. Not dissing any Evangelicals on here, I just think it’s funny watching them yell themselves blue in the face. :rotfl:

I don’t know of anything on youtube. I haven’t come across any, but I haven’t gone looking for it either. If you want rabid anti-catholicism, look up Jack Chick. :wink:

Is it wrong if I find those Anti-Catholic Chick Tracts hilarious?

When I was on World Youth Day in Sydney this year, I found a copy of “Last Rites” - that’s my fifth Chick tract! (Like you, I find them hilarious, and I have a collection.) I was worried for a while that young Catholics without firm catechesis might be upset by the tracts, but I needn’t have been: it was inspiring from a religious perspective to see the thousands of ripped-up Chick tracts strewn over the streets, even though I pitied the poor guys who’d have to clean them up later.

I know that posting direct links to anti-Catholic sites is discouraged on this forum, but if you Google “My Name? … in the Vatican?” and click on the first link, you’ll find a particularly wonderful specimen of paranoia. This is probably my favourite ever.

You may also be interested in this thread from 2005 onward, which sets out to prove (using his own style of “evidence”) that Jack Chick is in fact a Jesuit agent trying to convert people to the Catholic Church through numerous conspiracies:

If you want to hear non-stop anti-Catholic tirades, but a cheap short wave radio, tune to 3.215 about 7 or 8 pm est, and listen to Brother Stair. He is so bigoted, it’s almost funny.

Be sure to visit too.
The opening line at is also amusing.

There is now a response to the justforcatholics site at


Be careful about watching some of that stuff too much…it might just get to you one day and you might end up an Evangelical yourself LOL.

I used to watch a ton of those, but had to stop. It got me more focused on negativity and “I’ll show you who’s boss” than Christian love and charity.

BUT if you are a glutton for punishment, may I suggest this guy? He’s wacked!

There is a lot of it - & it is very sad :frowning: The only good thing is, that it underlines what a terrible thing it is to lie. I have no time whatever for a “god” who can be served only by falsehoods. I would rather believe that there is no God, than that He is served by lies.

**Some at least of Chick’s stuff is very dangerous - it’s attractive, but it is poisonous when it says what is false. The last thing - or one of them - that we should do, is mess with it unprotected, simply because every single human being has some weak spots of some kind. The attractiveness of the bad stuff is what makes it so deadly :frowning: **

This, OTOH, is ten thousand times better :slight_smile: - and I hope every one with a devotion to the speaker finds it (it’s not St. Pio of Pietrelcina BTW)

He certainly doesn’t look anything like Padre Pio :smiley:

For those of you who “collect” Jack Chick stuff this one is no longer in print. I remember seeing it on the website years ago. **Click the link at your own risk **the comic is bad enough but the comments on the page are not for those with sensitive consciences. It’s the only place I can find the comic online.

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