Does anyone know of a religious order

Does anyone know of a group of religious sisters who are active in their communities, wear full habits, and work especially with young people?

This one comes to mind.

This community is amazing… enough said: Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist Some of them are teachers, etc. they are most certainly active with youth.

My daughter is a Sister there (Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist) and she will begin teaching 4th grade math and science in the fall.

And my other daughter just told me last night that she may want to become a Sister too. She is also considering Sisters of Life.

Please thank her (and you) for accepting her call to a vocation. :cool:

I am pretty sure the Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco work towards evangelizing youth. I know they wear a white habit.

Here is two lovely Orders to look at.

I. The Order of Sr. Faustina - The Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy.
241 Neponset Ave. Dorchester
MA. 02122 U.S.A.

                                           Tel (617) 288 1202

They do works which are varied. (Full Habit, No hair showing)


Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Mataro.

They have a lot of houses in America, New York, Boston, Calif etc. They have brothers, enclosed Sisters, and Active Sisters, a lovely lot of Sisters. Look up the Web site about them. Grey Habit, Blue Veil, Blue Scapular, no hair showing. Very traditional, and loyal to the Church also as is the above.

I am not sure if this is a separate order but I read a story about “The Running Nuns” and found this group that works with youth, wears a habit and live a joyful life.

I echo Luigi’s expression of thanks for this vocation.


Here in Ireland they wear lay attire and have even see them with a cowboy hat on, this why we are not getting any vocations here in Ireland, all the nuns insist on looking like retired well dressed women.

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This order looks beautiful! I’m a runner too, so that aspect seems interesting. Do you know if they have a website specifically about their order (not just their races). Everything on the link you gave seemed to be about the races they host…

Thank you everyone for the input you’ve given me. All these orders seem SO beautiful… I suppose that just comes naturally when one gives themselves so entirely to Christ. :slight_smile:

The Running Nuns site refers to the Children’s Home being staffed by this order. They are shown in full habit and joyous smiles!


the sisters of saint John the Baptist they are an international presence in 17 different countries, they work in many ministries and put a great emphasis on teaching at this point I am but fourteen but dream of serving God with them in their teaching ministries especially in the Philippines or India where they have many orphanages. They are a great order with much to offer. They are the people who teach me, help me grow spiritually, emotionally, and as a person. They help me to become a better disciple of Christ. They guide me down a path to Christ. I can only pray that I can be a fraction of a woman which the sisters are.

To quote the Blessed Alfonso Maria Fusco founder of the sisters: “The work is God’s I am his worker God began it. For God I will continue it. God wanted this work done. He obliged me to do it. God will provide”


:thumbsup::thumbsup: Love this quote! We can all step into this role

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