Does anyone know of a woman


who got a breast reduction and was still able to feed her baby?


I would think that if you have a GOOD surgeon that they would leave all of that tissue in tact and just remove the non-essential excess. But, no, I don’t know anyone personally. But I do know someone personally who breastfeeds with a breast augmentation which before I knew her I just assumed was impossible:shrug:. Have you done any research? I would guess that this would be a FAQ on many cosmetic surgeon’s websites:thumbsup:


Yes - I do know of a woman personally who was able to nurse after a reduction. She was told that the chances were very slim, but she did successfully nurse, I’m not sure how long though.

I don’t believe there are any guarantees because of how invasive the surgery is to the breast tissue.



I personally don’t know anyone, but here is a website that talks about it: Breastfeeding after breast and nipple surgery

ETA: I don’t know anyone either way. I didn’t want you to think I knew someone that could not bf after breast reduction, so I thought I should clarify. I wish you, or whoever you are researching this for, the best!


Yes, my friend Diana (also a member of La Leche League, which is very helpful in these situations) had a breast reduction and went on to be able to nurse her son Daniel until he was well over a year old. She found the book *Defining Your Own Success: Breastfeeding After Breast Reduction Surgery, *by Diana West, very helpful.

Here’s an article about it on LLL’s website:


Thank you for the information.


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