Does anyone know of any Lutheran only forums?

My wife and I joined Lutheran church we have been attending since September of last year. Our two children were also baptized at the same time this past Sunday.

I enjoy being on forums, but i am finding it difficult to find a Lutheran only forum. At least one that is consistently active.

Does anyone here know of such a forum?

It’s always fun to start a thread and hear crickets!

Anyway, I and many probably figured you might have looked this up already, but throwing in “Lutheran Discussion Forums” into the google monster brought up all sorts of choices.

I did not go poking around to figure out which one is active.

Happy hunting, bring some good questions back!

There’s quite a few active Lutherans right here! I mean, we borrowed so much else from our Catholic brethern, might as well be squatters on their forums as well :smiley:

Bring hotdish.

I’m Lutheran, too, and haven’t seen any Lutheran forums. But I did come across a Baptist forum called “Baptist Board” :eek: (I was raised Southern Baptist)

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: I lost it when I read this :smiley:

Good Lutheran discussion here:

Amusing Lutheran discussion here:

Those aside, for me CAF is a good balance of good Christian faith formation and reasonable dialog in charity.



I’ve been to the “Theologia Crucis - Lutherans” forum, but it didn’t have a “Non-Lutheran Religions” subforum (so I figure they hate Non-Lutherans ;)).

This might be ok.

Click on the forum link and see what’s going on. There appears to be only 10 active members online now, while at CAF there are 81 members currently using the forum. Not that busy, but it may be the specific thing you want.

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