Does anyone know of Richard Bennett or his website?


It is called My husband is protestant, while I am a Catholic revert. Yesterday, I picked my husband’s bible up off his office floor and a paper entitled, “Comments on Mr. Patrick Madrid’s book ‘Does the Bible Really Say That?’” fell out. No author was listed on the paper, but I googled it and found it was from Mr. Bennett’s website. He is apparently a former Catholic priest.

I am wondering if anyone knows how reputable his work is considered to be within the protestant community. Has anyone heard him debate any Catholic apologists? He has quite a few papers on the website written unfavorably about Scott Hahn as well.


yes, I read also in bereanbeacon, can any catholics say something about richard bennett? a former catholic priest?


I’ll be honest. I just looked at that website for the first time and it disgusts me. It is virulently anti-Catholic and I would advise any Catholic or Christian to stay far away from that site. If Richard Bennett is truly a former Roman Catholic priest then we Catholics must pray for him that he would return to Rome.


yes brother, I’ve seen Mr. Richard Bennett is somewhat did not understand anything about RC doctrines, he even critiqued the World Youth Day 08 celebration with recycled arguments…

I’ll pray for him too.


Unless this so called former priest can tell you what diocese he had his faculties, who his bishop was as well as give you dates so he can be verified, I would steer clear of this person.

Even if he was a Catholic priest, I would still steer clear because he has become a rabid anit-catholic of the worst kind. I find it hard to believe that he was Catholic priest because he represents the Catholic faith so badly. It’s as if he learned nothing throughout seminary and his years as a priest???

Stay away! And by all means get that material away from your husband. If he has questions, there are plenty of reputable websites and the Catechism that can help him understand.


I am only familiar with him for making poor anti-Catholic arguments. Based on the name of his website, he sounds like he is advancing the same Sola Scripturist argument as former Catholic Mike Gendron. The verse it refers to is:Acts 17:11 Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.They take this verse to argue for Sola Scriptura, which of course the passage says nothing about Scripture only…just that it is noble to consult Scriptures to see if prophecies Paul told them matched up to what they knew about Christ. In a grand stroke of irony, they add the word “only” to the verse.


YES, Richard Bennett was a priest.
YES, he is anti-Catholic.
YES, his web site is the usual trash.
And YES, it boggles the mind to think he went through seminary and shows less knowledge than I found in catechism class in elemtary school.

Kotton :frowning:


Bennett is a bad joke on his best day.

I’ve seen his stuff and it’s really hard to understand how he can make the disconnect between the real Catholic faith and the propaganda that he pumps out…

To be honest, I suspect it keeps his checks rolling in, which is a crying shame.

The poster above was right though in that his stuff is nothing that someone with a decent knowledge of the faith couldn’t refute.

Conclusion: Just another a-C propagandist makin’ a buck and calling it “a ministry”. :shrug:


I read his article on the early church, and quite frankly I just plain disagree with his findings.

He quotes scripture that claims that the Roman Catholic idea of “Church” is different than what the biblical definition is, that I think in the end PROVES the Catholic ideal.

And some of his interpretations of early Church father writings seem to be filtered through the prisim of the reformational ideal of salvation by “faith and faith alone.”

He seems to casually dismiss any church father who posited “Apostolic authority.”

His letter is well referenced and everything, and it all checks out, but I think it’s a wonderful theory, nothing more.

I can accept the Catholic Church. I don’t have much trouble with it.


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