Does anyone know of this prayer?


During some readings I came to a reference to “Increase of Prayer Life Prayer”. I can’t make out if it means to increase your prayer life, which makes sense to me. However to be certain I posted this to see if any heard of such a prayer.

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Never heard of it.


Hi Dear People,

I went back and this is the name of the prayer:
“increase of the life of prayer”.

  The text  I was reading from was translated from another language.   So,   please if anyone has an idea let me know?

   I  have searched and not found a prayer named this. Perphaps it means  to increase  prayer life?  
 Thank You for your interest.


Could it be speaking of the sacredness and power of prayer, rather than an actual prayer? If prayer takes possession of the heart and life, It keeps one constantly in fellowship with God. Let us be careful to consider not only the length of the time we spend with God in prayer, but the power with which our prayer takes possession of our whole life.



 I believe you hit the nail on the head.  I thank you.  I can't see what else it could mean.


I’m glad I could help!:wink:

Mary, Queen of the Saints,Pray for us


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