Does anyone know the title of this movie?

The movie I am remembering I think was black and white. It is about a very good teacher/professor at an exclusive probably English private school, I think all-boys. It goes through the years of this teacher, who I think gets married later in life and has a very happy marraige (I think he met her while on sabbatical visiting ruins). She returns with him and helps at the school with drama or something. He is staid and formal and she is friendly and outgoing. The drama of the story is when he is assistant headmaster, and everyone expects him to get the headmaster postion when it opens, and wants him to, because he is so long-respected and well-liked, but the position is given to someone much less deserving, and its quite a blow, and he wants to quit. I cant remember if he does or not. At the end of the film he dies, but there is a feeling that this man was very good and was a fine example of a teacher.

Does anyone know the movie? Someone I know is going thru a similar drama and would be comforted by this movie, if I knew what it was.

Thank you!

Eliza was it something like “A Fabulous Life” Something like that comes to mind.

Would you know the name if you heard it. It sort of sounds like Good-bye Mr. Chips.

Wow, that was quick! Yes, I think it was Goodbye Mr. Chips. Mr. Chipping. Thanks so much!


There are two versions of it: the black-and-white with Robert Donat, and a color musical with Peter O’Toole (I think).

Musical? Say it ain’t so! I love the Robert Donat version.

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