Does anyone know this Latin hymn?

I know it is a very odd and unhelpful question, but watch this video in which a lunatic tries and fails (thankfully) to bite the Holy Father. Does anyone know the name of the hymn playing in the background? This was as the Holy Father was exiting the Christmas eve / day Misa del Gallo. I like this music and would like to find it if i can. Thanks.

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That clip is extremely short. Can you find a longer video of that procession?

This was the only other clip of it I could find. It is full coverage of the whole mass, so just start watching about 10 mins from the end of the video.


God bless.

Ooooh! I think I know! raises hand excitedly

I believe (and correct me if I’m wrong) it’s an Italian Christmas carol, “Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle”, written by St. Alphonsus Liguori. The following link describes it as Italy’s most popular Christmas carol (p.s. lower the sound on your computer because the music plays automatically) :

Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle

That link has the words & music including an English translation. The first verse:

O King of Heaven! from starry throne descending,
Thou takest refuge in that wretched cave:
O God of bliss! I see Thee cold and trembling.
What pain it cost Thee fallen man to save!

I"m not Italian but it’s one of my favorite tunes.

That’s it. Bless you.

God bless.

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