Does anyone know what short story this is?

I remember taking an English class way back my senior year of high school and we had to read a lot of short stories. There was this one that I remember reading but I can’t remember the title of it. They made a film adaptation of it. Basically from what I remember it was about this rich man who had a bunch of coins that he was obsessed with and kept hidden away in his house, this man also had some kind of epilepsy where he would just sort of freeze for a few minutes, and I remember that played into the plot somehow but I don’t remember how… anyways, one day his coins were stolen and he was heartbroken, however on the same night some family had left a baby girl on his doorstep, and the baby sort of took the place of his treasure, and he raised the girl and took care of her for her whole life; later in the story when the girl was grown up, there was this lake that had been drained, and they found the skeleton of a man with a bag of gold coins - it turns out the skeleton was of the thief who had stolen the money from him. The coins meant nothing to him now that he had learned to live in poverty but had an adopted daughter who he loved more and who had brought him more happiness than the coins. Near the end of the story this aristocratic couple found the man and his adopted daughter, and they said that they were the girls biological parents and wanted to take her back; they gave the girl the choice and offered her an education and a luxurious life, and she chose to stay with the man who she had always known as her father.

Anyways I always thought this was a neat story, I would like to know what the title is so I could read it again.

Sounds like Silas Marner to me. We read it in 10th grade.

By the OP’s memories sounds like a great story. Thanks for the title, 10th grade reading, I want to read it.

That’s the one! Thank you. The details were indeed a little fuzzy since I haven’t read it in about eight years.

Steve Martin made an excellent film version, called “A Simple Twist of Fate”. It’s an updated version of the book that makes it more accessible to a modern audience.

Sounds like something Tolstoy would write. His short stories are great. How Much Land Does a Man Need is great. Quench the Spark, and What Men Live By are also good.

This is definitely the novel Silas Marner by George Elliot (pen name of Mary Ann Evans).

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