Does anyone know what this Order is?


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I'm brand new here. I have a question and I'm hoping someone will know the answer. There are two Sisters at my Church of an Order that I'm not familiar with. I asked them the name of it once and I forget what it is. They said something like Franciscan Missionary Sister of The Immaculate Heart of Mary. But when I googled it, it was a different Order. Their Habits are blue, both dark and light blue. They have large Rosaries attached to their sides and they wear large miraculous medals. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I believe their main convent is somewhere in France. If no one knows, I can just ask them again. No big deal. Thanks!



I might know. I know some good friars who are in an order called the Franciscans of the Immaculate. They are pretty awsome, and wear bluish habits and rosaries on their belts and have miraculous medals attached to their habit fronts. So, that seems to fit your description, at least. I know there are some poor clares/ franciscan sisters who are part of this group, too.

Here’s a test, though. Do the sisters greet each other with the words, “Ave Maria”? The friars do that, after the example of St. Maximillian Kolbe, and they’re the only ones who i’ve ever heard of who do.

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Thanks for answering. I don’t think that’s what Order it is. They don’t greet each other with Ave Maria. But they are very friendly and outgoing. They teach in our school. My pastor calls them “The Blue Nuns” but I know that’s not what the real name is. I guess I’ll have to ask them and then I’ll come back here and tell what they are.

We are the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate, a religious community of sisters faithful to the Holy Father, the Pope. We are a pontifical institute who are clothed with the angelic garment of the Immaculate Virgin and clad with sandals of seraphic poverty, prayer, penance and perfect joy.


Nope. That's not their habits. They have one layer of light blue and then dark blue over it with dark blue veils


*Franciscan Handmaids of the Immaculate ***Our purpose is to make the Immaculate known and loved through the total consecration to Our Lady according to the method of St.Maximilian Kolbe. We profess the Franciscan Rule as our form of life and live in Community to realize our vow of total consecration to Our Lady and to better promote her work through our observance of the three evangelical vows. As the Franciscans of the Immaculate (FI) Order is missionary, we support the FI missions through local mission appeals where we evangelize and raise money for their missions.**


That does look kind of like it but it's not it. This is what their habit looks like

That's me and my friend Sister Jessica. They also sign their names with SFM in the corner


Sorry, I tried!:)


Thank you Shoshana. I believe the name of it is Franciscan Sisters of The Heart of Jesus and Mary Immaculate. I can't find them on google at all so I'm going to ask them at the retreat if there is a website or something where I can get more information about them. I can learn a lot from just 2 of them but I had told them I wanted to meet more Sisters in their Order in the near future. I will definitely keep updates coming as I learn more.


I know there is a Scarboro Foreign Mission Society that uses SFM.


No that’s not it either


Trinitarians of Mary


It’s not the Trinitarians either. I’m going to be on retreat with them this Thursday so I’m going to double check hopefully they could give me more information about them.


The answer is The Franciscan Sisters Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus and of Mary Immaculate. I wish there was a website so I could share it on here.


Thank you for letting us know - I had been curious. I had thought maybe it was as the habit was similar but didn’t think they would be 3rd orders.


Thanks for letting us know!


The woman who started this order, M. Elizabetta Patrizi, has been recently banned from all religious life due to over 30 years complaints against her. If anyone has any more questions regarding this, please email me

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