Does anyone know when you can start handling newborn puppies


My dog had puppies 12 days ago I didn’t really touch or handle the puppies since they where born so today I was cleaning the nesting box (my dog spilled over a bowl of water in it) and when I picked up the puppies they started screaming should I wait a bit longer before handling them I don’t have much experience with newborn puppies and tbh it was a mistake that my dog had them to begin with once the pups go to there new homes I’m getting her spayed ps her name is princess and she’s a cockerpoo


There is said to be a danger that if you handle the puppies too soon after their birth, their mother will detect that they smell different – that they have your smell on them – and will reject them, thinking they are not her babies but somebody else’s.

We have been through this three times in our home, three dogs each having had one litter of either five or six puppies. We have handled the puppies from the very day of their birth, helping to arrange them at feeding time, for example, so that they all get their fair share of their mother’s milk. We have never had a single rejection.


Your handling the puppies is part of their socialization. Get them used to being touched and held. Sit with them and treat them gently. Slowly, no rush. There are many resources.


Call a local vet and ask their advice. :+1:t4:


Aren’t they beautiful when their born? Alright, here goes. I got a Springer Spaniel when I was 18, I took her everywhere with me, she was so loving and smart. When she was ready to give birth she came and found me. i knew and I got her favorite blanket which I had put away for this day. Went in the bedroom and without a whimper Mitsy starting giving birth, but they were coming out quickly, so as she was opening one sac and cleaning her pup I had to open the next sac or the pup would have suffocated.She had no problem letting me do that, soon as I cleared the nose and mouth I put the pup next to herand she took care of the cord. I helped her with 4. She had a total of 8 pups. I would pick one up and pup it near her if it started crawling away while she was nursing.I lost Mitsy seven years ago, she was 17 years old and I miss her to this day. I do however have her daughter and granddaughter. Sorry didn’t realize I went on and on. Anyway enjoy the time now because wait until their 3 weeeks old and their eyes and ears open and they start running around. God bless you and may every puppy be placed in a good and loving home.


It really does fill your home with joy to have a healthy litter of puppies. I bred and trained dogs for a decade. The best thing you can do is socialize the pups by handling them and exposing them to varied situations.

When I got my first dog, a book by a religious community saved my relationship with the dog.

The Art if Raising a Puppy is written by The Monks of New Skete, a community in New York that has the unusual focus of breeding German Shepherds. They are part of the Orthox Church in America.

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