Does anyone know where I can buy . .


sugar cookies and/ or gingerbread men all ready to decorate?


Call the bakery department at your local grocery store or a bakery you like. They will be happy to sell you a bunch of un-decorated cookies.


Our grocery store sells pre-made kits… cookies and decorating supplies all in one box!

I know my son enjoyed decorating these cookies with Grandma last weekend!


:slight_smile: We found all of these at Walmart.


Me too… and I got the gingerbread… Don’t cook as long as they say… too hard. And I suggest getting colored icing to decorate them. My son was in charge of decorating and they turned out cute…


for Brownies, the girls decoration the pepperidge farm gingerbread men, because they were all we could find on short notice, but I see our local grocery has them, also other shapes, in the bakery department, with the decorating supplies.


Too bad we don’t live closer together. I have a whole container of sugar cookies waiting to be decorated that I keep putting off. :wink:


Last year I bought a decorate your own Gingerbread house kit. I got that from Stop and Shop. I don’t know if they sell gingerbread men though. Sorry.:frowning:


Well, our Wal*Mart’s already sold out but we carry the pre-baked gingerbread houses (frosting and candy included, just put it together and decorate!) and gingerbread cookie ornaments (frosting and candy included).

Wilton also makes a gingerbread house (and theirs is already assembled!) and a gingerbread Christmas tree made of star-shaped cookies in graduated sizes. Frosting and candy included!


Here in Maryland, the best sugar and ginger cookies come from Otterbein’s bakery. They’re in Giant stores in the bakery in red and white bags. They are thin and crisp and delicious and have no decoration other than the shapes. Very homemade tasting, too.



I ended up buying shaped, sugar cookies at Giant. Thanks!


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