Does anyone know?


Yesterday in our parish retreat, a woman chatted with me during break. I mentioned some of my recent health problem that bothers me. She said she felt I was lack of energy in my spine.:eek: Then she put her hands on my shoulder and prayed for me, asked Jesus to heal.
She also handed me her business card about “Quantum Life System”.

For some unknown reason this incident bothers me. How could someone just feel I am lack of energy in my spine? Anyone know about “Quantum Life System”?


it sounds a little strange to me too…well I googled it, and found this:

:shrug: :confused:


Thanks! I checked some of them, they sound weird. It is good to know I am not the only one feel a little strange. I always know not just allow anyone to lay hands on me. But I did not know how to refuse. I just hope there was nothing to do with new age. The good thing is at the end of the retreat, I asked the retreat director to bless me. Father said a very good prayer over me.:slight_smile:


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