Does anyone know?

Dear friends

Does anyone know what the symbolism of a pheasant is Christianity?

I would be very grateful for any replies

Thank you in advance

God Bless you all at this sad time


Hi, and I hope not goodbye for long, Teresa,

**PHEASANT: **This ancient game bird was named from Phasis, a stream of the Black Sea. Because of its evasiveness and dexterity, the Pheasant became a favourite game bird of the ancient Romans. Denotes an alert person of many resources.


Pheasant - Warning, Concealment

can you name some religious art or painting that includes a pheasant?

in a related question, does anyone know why Aquinas referred to Jesus in the Eucharist as the Sacred Pelican?

Dear John and Vaughn

Thank you. Does anyone know who might be referenced in the bible to being a ‘pheasant’?

I’d too like to know Annie, if there is any religious art with pheasant symbolism

God Bless you and much love and peace to you


Dear Teresa,

I don’t know of anyone in the bible that is referenced as “pheasant.” Nothing comes up in a bible search line at all. Google has given these few references for religious symbolism, that may be helpful.

PHEASANT - denotes a spiritual seeker. On the negative side, it symbolizes flooding, immorality, or seduction, and supernatural calamity.

PHOENIX - denotes the utmost examples of spirituality, a personality who bounces back from adversity, refuses to be defeated.

Resurrection; Christ consumed in the fires of Passion and rising again on the third day; triumph over death; faith; constancy; Christ’s divine nature (as the Pelican was of his human nature).

In early Christian tradition the phoenix was adopted as being resurrection and immortality. Through Christian eyes, we are taught to believe in the resurrection, as Christ himself exhibited the character of the phoenix: “I have the power to lay down my life and to take it up again.”

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