Does anyone make a birthday cake for Jesus?


I was wondering if any of you made a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas? My RCIA instructor said that he did this with his family. This is my first Christmas as a Catholic and the first for my wife and I with our daughter. I was thinking that this would be a nice tradition to start. My immediate family is not Catholic, but most are evangelicals but they seem to like the idea as well. Just wanted to see if anyone else does this. Merry Christmas and God Bless.


This is a tradition in my husband’s family. My MIL always has a birthday cake for Baby Jesus at our Christmas meal.


We don’t because we are celebrating the Incarnation - something our culture has gotten away from.

Our culture tells us - it’s just another day, a special day, but just a day.

It’s not - it is a season and what we are celebrating is the Incarnation and preparing for the second coming.

Personally - I think making it a birthday secularizes something spiritual and mystical. That for me and my family - not a judgment on others.


*I agree, it’s a season…I think your comment is interesting.

I don’t see anything wrong though, with having a birthday cake, but we have never had that ‘‘tradition’’ in our family. *


Our children are 7,4, & 16 months. The 2 older ones definately understand that Jesus is the focus of the day. We’ll be making a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas Eve. To keep perspective, we’ll be leaving Santa the first piece of cake instead of cookies.

As a side note, our oldest is the perpetual evangelist. She left Santa a copy of “Rediscovering Catholicism” last Christmas. This year Santa will return the favor by leaving her “Max and Benedict.”


Oh em gee, that is adorable. :love:

My family hasn’t baked an actual cake, but several of the churches in the area have. Some will host baby showers then donate what they received to the Child Advocacy Center and Crisis Pregnancy Center.


I thought this would be good to do as our daughter grows up to keep perspective of the real meaning of Christmas. We want her to understand that Christmas is not a day just to receive gifts, as it was when I grew up. Any other advice to keep the focus on Jesus and not just the gifts and Santa?


I love the cake idea and really love this idea.

Instead of “Happy Birthday” it could say, “Et Incarnatus” or " Et Homo Factus Est."
Actually that seems worse. “Venite Adoremus”? I do see what you are saying.


This year we plan to have an arrangement on a side table in the living room during Christmas dinner for 15 with baby Jesus in the manger, surrounded by blue velvet and probably some subtle white lights. Not the entire manger scene, just Him.

I used to date someone who’s sister in law would have a little rough cut manger in the corner of the dining room with a life size baby in real hay, wrapped in a scrap of ragged linen. The first time I saw that I cried - in all my life I had never seen anyone do this, to shine the light so brightly on the true meaning of the day in that way in their own home. It has stayed with me for years. So this year we will do our own version of that.



My family always had a cake for Jesus. I thought that it was a wonderful way to remind us of the real meaning.


Never have...but I think it is a cute idea!

My dad's birthday is Christmas day, so we always ordered a birthday cake to be picked up either Christmas Eve or Christmas morning - and the person ringing us out at the bakery would always this cake for Jesus?


We'll probably start doing this next year. I think it's a wonderful idea to get the children involved.
Another parent told me something, too.
They go out and distribute presents on Christmas. And the kids say 'But what about MY presents?' and the parents say 'It's not YOUR birthday, It's Jesus' and since Jesus is in everyone we see, that's who we give presents to'
I thought this was a clever little turnaround!


I am the pro life coordinator at my church and we do a baby shower for baby jesus.

The kids bring up all the baby items during the Offertory and place them in a bassinet next to the nativity scene. It's really cool.


That is such a wonderful idea. :love:


My sister bakes a cake for Jesus and we sing Happy Birthday on Christmas eve. After all, it IS his birthday!:D


It might be acceptable as an act of domestic piety if you have small children.

Have you heard of the custom of having a birthday cake for the Church on Pentecost?


I do this with my children. I wouldn’t do it without children, but it is a perfect way to show them, on their level, that today is about Jesus and coming to Earth. We talk about the Incarnation, especially around the Feast of the Annunciation, and during the season of Advent, but it is the physical birth that we commemorate on Christmas day, so a birthday cake seems just thing thing to put it in today’s terms. Besides, my kids decorated it for Jesus, as a little act of love. I don’t think it could be misconstrued as confusing the occasion, or even ignoring the Incarnation. The Incarnation is about Jesus coming to THIS WORLD to live as we do, in the flesh, but mysteriously, His Nature is both human and divine. Beautiful… I think I will try to find a quiet corner of the house to pray and meditate now.


My family has done this, and I love it! The youngest child gets to blow out the candle we put on. The candle in some way doesn’t make since because it should be zero? Anyway, it reminds you what you are celebrating.


Isn’t making the birthday cake a way of celebrating the Incarnation? :confused:
I think it is a GREAT idea because #1 I was so confused about why Christmas was such an important holiday because his birth is not when the Incarnation actually happened. Jesus’ conception (celebrated March 25) seems a more appropriate time to have a huge feast/season/holiday/celebration of the Incarnation. (I mean, God IS pro-life and all.) But then I thought about it and realized that Christmas is Jesus’s birthday! And not everyone in this world gets to have a birthday so they are pretty important days if you ask me.

PS- CaptainCatholic, Why would you not do this tradition if you did not have kids? (I’m just saying this because I’m not one to think of an excuse to refuse birthday cake.)


While I agree it is a season, not just a day we are not celebrating the Incarnation. We are celebrating the birth of the Incarnate. The Incarnation is celebrated on March 25 - 9 months prior to the birth. It is also known as the Feast of the Annunciation. The angel announced what wast to happen, Mary consented and Christ was concieved in her womb.

Birthday celebrations are celebrations of life - many secularize them just like much of our society has Christmas. We have included a birthday cake in our Christmas celebration for many years and will do so this year.

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