Does anyone may suffer because of someone else sin?

I have red that Christians have a think that Adam ate banned fruit so all humanbeings are sinfull because of that. As much as ı know God forgived Adam. Also should we must be liable because of our father mistake? Life is an exam so mankind is responsible for his decision which he does by his free will.Original sin is not a free will. I wonder how this issue being explained in Gospels.

Original sin is a lack of God’s sanctifying graces. Adam and Eve were in a garden. They ate of the tree of life. They were cast out of that garden, they could not eat of that tree of life, you and I also cannot eat of that tree of life, and we are not born into the garden of Eden. There is consequence to action and it can manifest itself in generations. If that was not the case we would all be born with the same graces, the same opportunities.

It is explained in the Gospels with the man who was born blind. Who sinned, this man or his parents.

Of course. If you think about it you’ll find that pretty well all bad things in the world are the result of someone’s sin in one way or another, whether it occured 500 years ago, 50 years ago, or last night.

Forgiveness does not always remove the consequence of what a person did. In the same way, God forgiving Adam does not undo what Adam and Eve did, rather reveal we can still find forgiveness when we do mess up.

Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself suffered tremendously because of our sins and willingly submit Himself to die on the cross because of His great love for us .


To make the old argument that “we shouldn’t suffer for Adam’s sin” is weak. All these mysteries, which we can never fully understand with our limited intelligence, make sense only in the light of the Passion and the Cross of Our Lord.

I believe it’s the tree of knowledge, non?
I guess the moral of that story is…don’t seek knowledge!


Is there a record where God forgave Adam? I’m not saying He didn’t, but we cannot presume on God’s mercy.

We read that Adam his his nakedness because he was ashamed, but I never read Adam saying “my bad.”

Original sin was a free will for Adam and Eve. God said don’t eat the fruit they did and they sinned.

I think where you problem is that you are confusing original sin with actual sin. Actual sin is the sin we are responsible for and must pay for ourself.

To be perfectly honest original sin is not anything that big anymore because Christ cleared us of it when he died. He paid for it and now we can gain admission into heaven.

If you look deeper you will see how original sin does have a great outcome even today on the lives of people in a different way.

Let me explain easy and fast. A man cheats on his wife for his own lustful desires. The wife and husband get a divorce. The Children in the house are inocent and pay for the sin of the Father. They suffer and did nothing wrong.

I personally think that was our great lesson from God in the beginning to show us how our sin effects others, sometimes many in the world.

Take dishonest people, how they steal from pensions,etc. So think about it, there is a great lesson from God there.

You are on to something that and is probally why God threw them out. What did Eve say when God asked her why? She said the devil made me do it!! (thats where we got that saying:D just kidding I can never resist saying that).

Then lets go to Adam. First he says Eve MADE me do it, Then when that didn’t fly he turned it all back on God and said YOU gave her to me.

Bottom line they never repented and admitted their wrong.

I am sure God forgave Adam and Eve IF they repented. Just like us today, If we don’t repent we are not getting into heaven either.

Eve knew it was wrong, she even said to the devil God said NO! But it wasn’t that they did not want or lack knowledge, they wanted to Be GOD!!

Just like many of us today. We don’t want to follw God and his commands we want to do what WE want. And truly that means we want to be God also.

You either follow God or yourself. Thats how you fall into sin.

The moral of the story is seek knowledge, know the word of God. But don’t try to make yourself God and try to live without him. Thats when your life becomes a mess!

Everyone needs a Father, Just like a child needs a Father, we need our Father Almighty to lead us. And just like a true Father would never hurt a Child, and die tor protect that Child, that is what God is a True Father.

Only he did DIE to protect his Children. On the Cross!:o For our sins.

One day they asked Jesus how much do your love us. He stretched out his hands on the cross and said THIS MUCH!

I have no knowledge if he did or not. Only that it was possible for him to retain God’s mercy and be forgiven by Christ on that cross.

He told them there would be forgivenss by Christ right before he threw them out.

It took a Man without sin, to pay for all sin. Beginning with the sin of Adam and Eve.

Hi Hasantas,

You may want to do a search for Original Sin (OS), there is a lot of spilled pixels on the matter.

If you have a chance, you can read the Catechism which might help.

The key that helps me on how to evaluate personal sin and Original Sin is simply to think about hand me down clothes…

I get a pair of pants from the used shop, they have a button missing (OS).

I ask someone to sew a new button on, they agree to do so - at no charge! A gift. (ask God for baptism and receive it).

The original defect (OS) is no more.

Then I tear them (my sin).

I could live with the button missing, but it’s great to not have to worry about my pants falling down while I walk through the thorns.

People suffer all the time because of the sins of others.

Someone who is killed because of gang activity will not be released from death should the gangster repent.

The repentance of a drunk driver will not restore the body of his or her accident victim.

Someone who is driven to atheism because of a church leader’s negative witness will probably not change their mind once that person repents.

That really is the reason for the final judgement and Purgatory; to tally up all the results of sin.


There’s a Jewish tradition that Adam repented and was forgiven, though it’s not authoritative.

Also, the book of Sirach (Sirach 49: 19), after eulogizing all the great patriarchs, kings and prophets of Israelite history, concludes:

"…but above every living creature is Adam."

If we accept (as Catholics) that Sirach is inspired Scripture, then it’s hard to square that verse with Adam dying unrepentant and unsaved.

I will need to consult someone more knowledgeable than i regarding Adam and Eve’s repentance. I thankyou most heartily for this info.
It still may be Eve blaming the snake, and Adam blaming Eve…

This is a typical Muslim or Islam question to try to divide or bring in christains.

No. I meant the tree of life. We have been refused access to the tree of life, as a consequence of the original act (which involved the tree of knowledge), therefore affecting all progeny. Genesis 3:22.

Although having said that it could be argued that the cross is the tree of life.:slight_smile:

Adam and Eve both blamed God.

Eve indirectly blamed God for the existence of the Serpent.
Adam directly blamed God for the existence of Eve.

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