does anyone miss the 1962 roman missal?

i have not been a Catholic for very long and the other day i purchased for myself the 1962 roman missal. i think it is so beautiful. it is such a wonderful resource. i know that this missal is not used in the contemporary masses.
does anyone miss the 1962 roman missal and what do you miss the most?
i hope in 2010 when they print the new missal it will be similar to the 1962.

This Missal gets used all of the time. I attend this Mass every week.

This Mass is called the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, or the Tridentine Mass. It was the Mass that was used for 1500 years until 1969 when Pope Paul VI promulgated the new Mass.

As you have only been a Catholic for a short time, you have probably only experienced the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite, otherwise known as the Mass of Paul VI.

You bought a Missal for the traditional Mass. You can use it if you go to the Tridentine Mass.

If you need any help regarding how to use the Missal, or if you have any other questions I will be happy to answer them for you.

thank you Dempsey. yes, i know it is used for the tridentine mass. i attended that mass once before i was confirmed.

it is such a lovely missal. i like looking at the translation in the latin next to the english.

every time i open it i find something new. i probably have a lot of questions, but tonight i went through it page by page and my mind is tired.

there are many different masses i see.

anyhow, i think it is a treasure. do you think when they print the new missal in 2010 with the revised prayers, etc. they will try to publish one that has all the information in it that the 1962 missal has?

Did you purchase your Missal from Baronius Press?

If you did, your book will be a Missal and a Liturgical Manual. This is why it has a lot of prayers and an abridgment of Christian doctrine.

I think they also publish Missals for the new Mass, but I think you have to purchase three due to the longer lectionary used in the Ordinary Form.

I think they will change the Mass of Bl. John XXIII slightly in the future. They may add new Saints to the calendar for example. If this does happen, then I think another Tridentine Mass Missal will be published. Perhaps it will be called the Mass of Benedict XVI?

when i bought the missal, i knew it is not used in the contemporary mass,
but i felt like i needed to own one, to better understand and learn a bit more about being Catholic.

i could sit for hours and look through it and read it.

when i was in the episcopal church, we had our book of common prayer.

i subcribe to the Magnificat which i bring to mass with me.

however, i missed a big prayerbook like what we had in the episcopal church.

so this 1962 roman missal is taking the place of that, even though i cannot use it at the masses i attend, it is great for reading here at home.

i bought this at the gift shop at one of the catholic churches in my area i attended last sunday.

it says it was printed by the Angelus Press in kansas city. the 3rd printing was 2007.

it has 1902 pages.

anyhow, i just wonder if the people who do not attend the tridentine masses miss the 1962 roman missal.

i wonder why they just didn’t stop saying the mass in latin and switch to english and keep the missal the way it was.

I still have my original 1962 missal. It is the St. Joseph’s Daily Missal and is 1348 pages long. Indeed, it contains a wealth of information and is one of my most prized possessions. Over the years, it became choked full of prayer cards, novena booklets, special Mass supplements and what-have-you. Thankfully it has a leather covering with a zipper to keep all those precious mementos from falling out. It is always by my bedside even after all these years.
I also have the missal that was given to me on my First Communion. It is a Catholic Press Sunday Missal printed in 1954. It is the size of a large book with 1000 pages and has a leather cover embossed with gold. It is completely different than the 1962 missal. It only contains the Masses for Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation [as they were for Canada and the U.S. back then], the Requiem Mass and the Wedding Mass. It is much easier to follow because the Mass for each Sunday is shown continuously without having to shift back and forth. All the prayers are together and in the correct order. The only time one had to change pages was for the Canon. Also, it is all in English. No Latin on the opposite side of the page. The only place Latin is found is at the back where there are four pages on the manner of serving at Mass. By this I mean the responses of the servers. This particular missal is full of beautiful photos of religious pictures by the great masters. Another unique feature to this missal is that on the left hand page facing the Mass prayers there are photos of the activities of the priest at the altar which was helpful to know where exactly in the Mass he was at.
I also like the Sunday Missal that I use today. Apart from the prayers of the Mass, it has pages and pages of prayers and meditations, including the Liturgy of the Hours, Te Deum Eucharistic Acclamations, psalms and hymns. It is only a paperback and doesn’t have the illustrations of the older missals but I find it very useful.

Thankfully it has a leather covering with a zipper to keep all those precious mementos from falling out.

My priest has one of those. He was given this by his parents for his twelfh birthday. My Missal is exactly the same but I wish my Missal also had a zip. It would make it far easier to travel with and I think it would protect the pages. I wish they still made Missals like this.

Three weeks ago, I went to my first Tridentine Mass since I was about 5 years old when that beautiful Mass disappeared from our parish. I must admit that I am completely hooked. My 1962 Roman Missal came in the mail yesterday. It looks very intimidating and I really don’t know how to follow along with the Mass while using this missal yet, but I can already tell that this is a real treasure.

When I bought that missal, I had to purchase the zipper covering separately. I wasn’t going to get it because it was rather expensive and I had already blown my weekly allowance on the missal itself. Thankfully, the lady who was in charge of the Religious Articles booth at the church talked me into it. My uncle who was standing near me agreed to pay for it. It has protected the pages and does make it easier to carry. Over the years, I have had the zipper replaced a couple of times due to the fact that I have so many pictures etc crammed into the missal that the material holding the zip together starts to rip away.

you are really lucky that you have kept them all of these years. i still have my books of common prayer from when i was a little girl, but now that i am roman catholic, i am glad that i bought the 1962 roman missal since it has a vast wealth of information. i can understand how you have kept prayer cards and momentos in your missal over the years. it just shows what a companion the missal is to your daily life. mine does not have a zipper. i kind of wish mine did too.

As I mentioned earlier, that 1962 missal is one of my most prized possessions. Although I haven’t used it many times for Mass in many years, I open it up and look through it quite often. All the stuff that I’ve stuck inside it holds many memories in particular the Requiem cards and the Ordination cards.
Just a short story about that missal. During my second years at University, I lived on the fourth floor of an old residence building. There were no elevators. Early one Saturday morning in January we were woken up by people yelling from the floors below to get out quick because there was a fire. Sure enough, we could smell the smoke when we opened our door. My roomate rushed about grabbing her purse, an armful of clothes, her coat and her portable record player. I took the two things that mattered most to me - - - my skis and my missal. I didn’t even consider looking for my purse or a coat because I knew that they could be replaced.

that definitely shows what a special place the missal holds for you!!

great story!!

I love the Missale Romano of Pope Paul VI.

Congratulations on your 1962 Missal. It is indeed a treasure and that’s what the Vatican said too about the Mass. With the issue of the S.P. last year, there should be a growing number of EF Masses and hopefully you will eventually get a chance to use that missal every day. Does your missal contain a short history of all the saints celebrated?

my missal does contain a short history of the saints that are celebrated.
sometimes it might be a paragraph and other times it might be a few lines.

i love looking at the illustrations and reading all of the extra goodies in there.

My Missal is my most prized possession, as I attend Daily Latin Mass.

I live in a mobile home and when I had to leave for shelter this summer during a tornado warning…that was the first thing I grabbed and stuffed in my oversize purse.

it sounds like those of you who grew up in the 50’s and 60’s realize how valuable the 1962 roman missal was and is.

i am going to be relocating to a smaller town. i don’t know if they will offer a tridentine mass or not.

i want to give it another try. now that i am getting more familiar with the missal. the first time i attended a tridentine mass i felt really out of place.
it was done through the fraternity of st. peter or something like that. the church let them use the space on sunday afternoons.

thanks for sharing how much your missal means to you.

i guess there are a lot of people who enjoy attending the tridentine mass, but you probably all grew up with that mass.

Yes, there seems to be a few sentences about them in the “Proper of the Saints” section.

It seems to have a short description for each feast day / saint. I’ve only had it for a few days and already love it. Thanks to all of you good people on here, I am learning how to use it. The Traditional Latin Mass is so beautiful and so reverent, I don’t think I can go back to the Novus Ordo Mass unless out of necessity!

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