Does anyone miss the old design (pre-2017) of CAF?


Not sure about y’all but I kinda do :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t like Discourse at first. (And right now I wish the Dark theme and three bars were working.) But I actually like Discourse now. There’s another forum I look at on my phone and I often wish it was Discourse format.


Discourse format is the current format, right?



(10 char)


No. I had grown accustomed to and fond of the old color scheme, but Catholic Answers moved away from it years ago on their main website. The old design had a lot text. The new design is more minimalist. The new design works much better on smaller screens.

Besides the design you have functionality. As far as that goes the new forum is so much better.


I really really miss the “ignore” function. :frowning:


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