Does anyone pay attention...?

to indulgences anymore?

I’ve never been particularly fond of the practice, nor have I completely understood it, which perhaps explains why I’m not fond of it. I guess that I don’t believe that God’s love and grace can be quantified.

Indulgences are special gifts of God’s Mercy, which Jesus won by His death, for us and for the souls in Purgatory. We can offer every indulgence in the world for the dearly departed, just as we can offer the Precious Blood to cool the flames by which they are tormented.

Hi “Ep”. It’s a good question, although I don’t know if I fully understand what you mean by “pay attention” to indulgences. Do you mean, by fulfilling all necessary requirements?

As long as we fulfill all necessary requirements to obtain an indulgence, granted by the Church… then, I guess our “attention” isn’t a component in receiving the indulgence. Whammo… you GET it! :wink:

Bottom line… if the Church teaches or approves a thing, I believe it. This little sinner will take ALLLLLLL the help she can get… in reaching Heaven. :blush: And thank our Good Lord, for just one MORE proof of His Mercy.

God bless.

I guess what I mean by “paying attention” is actually zeroing on doing something for the specific intent on meriting the indulgence, such as knowing full well that reading Scripture for x amount of minutes gets you this much indulgence, saying the rosary this much, etc. which is, indeed, a gross misrepresentation of what indulgences are all about.

I agree with you and Eucharisted that indulgences are merited for our various self-sacrifices, etc., but I, of course, don’t pay attention to whether I’ve got a decent credit of them or what. I believe that I just stopped caring if I gain an indulgence or not. I say the rosary when I want, read the Bible when I can, etc.

Oh, ok. I understand what yer “gettin’ at” now. :wink:

I surely do avail myself of indulgences, from time to time (pray them… to obtain them!). However, the OTHER part of the time… I don’t always “pay attention”… to the indulgence I may receive… such as, with the Holy Rosary.

So, I’m thinking now… that maybe we SHOULD be more careful about this. If an indulgence is attached to a certain prayer… we should be aware of it. So that we can give thanks to God, on completing the prayer. (you can almost hear the rusty wheels turning in “MV’s” noggin’ :blush: ).

Wow! Thanks “Ep”! You made me think! :smiley:

You should read up on them.

They are a very useful gift from God.

And, if you don’t believe in them, there are Poor Souls in Purgatory who would LOVE for you to gain indulgences for them!!

Yes, then I am someone who does sometimes pay attention to indulgences. If I have a specific intent to gain one for a poor soul, then I will try to fulfill the conditions for a plenary indulgence. Most of the time I don’t pay attention, other than to make an offering of any partials I have gotten for the poor souls. Also, if I can’t do the full conditions, I don’t really worry about it in any way. I just do what I can that day and let the rest go, offering what I have done. Though, I might fuss a little more to fulfill the conditions if I felt that I had any chance of meeting the conditions ever (you know, that pesky one about attachment). I basically look upon them as an opportunity, a list of things that are good for helping people.

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