Does anyone pray the Liturgy of the Hours in French?

Hi all,

Odd question, I know! I currently pray Morning, Evening and Night prayer in English using this book: but would like to be able to pray in French.

I can find the Divine Office in French, but only the big 4 volume breviaries. Could anyone tell me the details of the equivalent book in French (assuming there is one)? ISBN would be good but exact title, publisher etc would help if not.

Thanks in advance for any info!

I imagine you’ve already looked at this, but if not search “liturgie des heures” at

It looks like a decent selection of books, so hopefully you won’t have to get the 4-volume set at 48 euros per volume.

Yeah, send me emails about twice a day! There’s a couple of the books on there that I’m fairly sure would do for my needs, but the descriptions of them aren’t great (e.g. there’s no way to tell whether they include only the 4 week cycle for ferial days or have the feasts as well, whether they include Night Prayer etc) so I was really just looking for a bit of further guidance.

Anyway, thanks for your help Digitonomy :thumbsup:

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