Does anyone remember a 1970's show?

For some reason I cannot remember the title/plot of a show back in the 70’s, I’ll describe what I remember…

It was very similar to Little House on the Prairie.

It featured a religious man who ran either an orphanage or a school.

If I remember correctly, he seemed like he could have been a Friar–he wore a brown habit. The actor who played the Friar I think was also on Little House on occasion.

Anyone know what I’m talking about?. DH had a blank stare as if I made it up. :blush:

Father Murphy, starred Merlin Olsen.

I never watched the show but I remember it. A quick Wikipedia check confirmed what I thought: The Father Murphy character was not actually a priest but rather was disguised as a priest.

It was also a Michael Landon production and was filmed in practically the same place as Little House on the Prairie, thus some of the similarities.

Must have had a half-life of only one episode.

two seasons,35 episodes.

Father Murphy (1981–1983)

The creator of the series was Michael Landon, and the star of the series (Merlin Olsen) did frequently appear in the show Little House on the Big Prairie. He played the character of Jonathan Garvey in 51 episodes of the show.

Those old enough might also recall that Mr. Olsen was formerly a star player for the Los Angeles Rams football team. During his 15 year career he was elected to the Pro Bowl 14 times.

So not seventies at all, but eighties.

I remember him as a football player and as an actor in only a few guest appearances. Don’t remember him having his own series. Guess that wasn’t my kind of show b/c I don’t remember ever watching it.

I remember him more as a football announcer and the FTD florist spokesman.

I believe it had “Miller” in it…they were a Mennonite or Amish family if I remember correctly…I believe it was the producers of LHOP…Merlin Oleson…a Mormon, played the Menonite/Amish gentleman…it lasted one season as I remember.

You have a good memory!

Aaron’s Way (1988)

Aaron Miller finds out his oldest son Noah was killed in a surfing accident in California. Noah was living there at a winery with his girlfriend Susannah Lo Verde who is pregnant. Aaron attends the funeral and finds out about the baby. He then decides to move his Amish family from Pennsylvania to California to help Susannah with the winery and the baby. This means a lot of adjusting for both families after the Millers move in with Susannah. Mrs. Connie Lo Verde (Susannah’s mother) and Mickey (Susannah’s brother) live next door to Susannah. The baby girl is born and named Clarissa

Merlin Oleson played the title character, Aaron Miller.

THAT’S THE ONE I WAS THINKING OF…It was not a hit at all.

Heh…the Wikipedia article mentions that a scholar described it as a pretentious version of The Beverly Hillbillies. :o

Didn’t see the ‘connection’…the Bevery Hillbillies was one of my families favorite TV programs…I guess they related to the humor being "hillbillies’ themselves.:slight_smile:

How do I get those animated icons that cross themselves? God bless :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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Thanks all!

So, Father Murphy was about a man disguised as a priest, he wasn’t actually a priest. I didn’t remember that part.

I vaguely remember the opening credits with lots of pioneer children. And Father Murphy smiling benevolently to everyone.

DH has no clue what I’m taking about. :smiley:

I enjoyed the show and was sorry that it was cancelled.

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