Does anyone remember "Father Dowling Mysteries"?

I was pretty young when it originally aired, but sometime when I was in high school PAX TV aired reruns and I watched it whenever I could. After a while they started airing the same few episodes, and by the time they aired the Sherlock Holmes episode back-to-back, I knew they were getting ready to stop showing it.

PAX was a Christian network before they turned into i television and later Ion, and I remember them saying something on their website way back when about how Father Dowling was no longer in their plans for offering Christian programming. They also had their own commercial bumpers for Father Dowling in which they pointed out bloopers in the episodes, like how Sister Stephanie wore what they called a wedding ring.

Anyway, the show seemed sympathetic towards priests, and I remember episodes that dealt with issues like murderers confessing to Father Dowling and how he couldn’t say anything (one episode ended with the murderer confessing to Father Dowling and Clancy the police detective as he lay dying). The Blaine episodes were good too, but in retrospect I think dual roles in TV shows like Blaine/Francis were gimmicky. I often wondered how Father Dowling managed to find the time in his busy schedule to solve murders with Sister Stephanie.

I used to watch that show as well.

The irony is that Tom Bosley, who played Father Dowling, played a priest in a Perry Mason (I think) TV-movie. He was also the original sheriff in Murder, She Wrote.

Not all of his roles were in mystery dramas, though. He starred as Howard Cunningham in “Happy Days,” which was his best known role, and I think he guest stars in B-movies for the Hallmark channel now whenever they call for an old guy with an Irish accent or a priest.

I have started to read these again. He is a pretty conservative priest in them (of course many people around him end up dead) I thought of the CA Forums in one where he is telling a parishioner that he does not need any extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion.

The Church isn’t the main focus but it is there in these books.

I used to love that show!! I wish I could find it on again!

I remember the show. Now I’m currently reading my way through the books. When I need to imaging Father Dowling, I always think of Tom Bosley from the show. I like the Father Dowling of the books much better than the TV show but then it’s been ages since I’ve seen the show.

The one with the nun and the priest solving mysteries?
Yes, I watched it when I was little. I haven’t been able to watch them again though, I don’t think they’ve given out a dvd or anything.

I remember liking it a lot, even thought I was very little.

I loved this show. I popped over to Amazon, and they have a listing for a DVD for 1989, but it’s not available right now. Was that the only year it aired? It seems like I don’t remember too many episodes.

According to IMDB there were 43 episodes over 3 seasons.

Thanks, Phemie. I wonder if what amazon had listed was a tv movie. Maybe the pilot? I couldn’t find out much about it. Have to keep my eyes open. I’d love to get some of those if and when they become available. If they’re affordable. LOL!

See here

if you love the show a lot (I remember the show, but didn’t watch it very often. I think Tracey Nelson played the Sister?) go to and vote for this show to be released on DVD.

Thanks so much for this link! It’s a bit pricey for me, but there’s hope that if the entire series is offered maybe, just maybe they’ll have one season at a time later. If not, I can save up. LOL! What a great site, though. And they have “Beauty and the Beast”. I loved that series, too! Not to mention…I could go on…and on…and on…

I vaguely remember that show. Just barely( I was very little at the time). I also vaguely remember Touched By an Angel:shrug:

The 90’s were a different time, indeed:p

I have found it for 10 dollars


That actually looks kind of fishy. The picture is of a stained glass window with “Father Dowling Mysteries” written underneath, which could be any stained glass window, and the site has bad grammar. I’ve also heard that there haven’t been any official releases of Father Dowling Mysteries and there’s a bootleg floating about. I’d think a DVD set would feature Father Dowling and Sister Steve somewhere.

I’m sorry, I should have investigated the site further. Now that I’ve looked at the site more closely, it seems to offer pirated copies of the shows. The very last article in their FAQ makes it clear.

Oh no. No wonder they were so reasonable. Pricey for me, but reasonable considering. They have made a DVD, however. There’s a 2007 date on it, and I signed up at Amazon to be notified of when they have it available just to check it out. That one, however, said that it was 1989, so probably just one season. ooops…I’d better go e-mail my nephew and tell him to disregard the link. :eek:

I guess that if it was officially released, it would be on places like

I remember the shows. They were very good.

The author, Ralph McInerny, is still writing the “Father Dowling Mysteries” (among many other books). In fact, one is coming out later this year.

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