Does anyone think both Romney and the President are elitist?

I feel both of them are elists, just different kinds of elitists. Romney’s obviously someone who thinks half of all people want government help. Maybe it’s true , maybe its not, but I take issue with the fact that people want this help. Heck, if i had romney’s money I could probably help myself instead of getting government health insurance and my brother didn’t get social services since he’s autistic

Anyway, Obama is more of a leftist elitist. He thinks he’s more educated than everyone else. He also claims to be the man of the people, but really he just throws money at the poor to vote for them. Like most liberals, he really doesn’t care about the poor. He just wants their vote and buys it with government services.

To me both seem elitist and don’t seem to care about us in the middle class. Anyone else think both candidates are elitists?

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They ARE both elitists. The Dems have done a masterful job of labeling the republicans as the “party of the rich.” That’s only partly true. The republicans are the party of the NEW money rich. That’s the group they work hardest to protect: the entrepenuers, venture capitalists, business owners, etc.

But the Dems are the party of the rich TOO. They just happen to be owned by the OLD money rich: the Ivy League club, the corporate board members, the trust fund crowd. The Dems pay lip service to the little guy, but they never really do anything that effectively helps those people become middle class, do they? Instead they establish policies that protect the status quo and keep those currently on top of the heap on top. A senior engineer for Exxon/Mobil no longer can buy a used oil rig and go start his own company. Today’s regulatory environment requires 6 figures of red tape navigation before one can do that. Thus, the Dems get to pretend to be defenders of the little guy and the environment, when all they are REALLY accomplishing is to protect the status quo.

They’re both elitists. Just different elites.

I don’t really see “the common man” making it in national politics- or even really wanting to get into national politics once they discover the seedy nature of it. I think those days are done.

I think that some may grow up as just normal folks but as they move up in the ranks they must transform into a political version of a normal human being in order to succeed.

Some do pretend to be normal better than others though. :slight_smile:


Absolutely. They are both incredibly arrogant and out of touch, though not necessarily in the same ways.



I do think all the rigged polls and Romney-bashing here are designed to discourage people from ousting this current regime.

I agree with your assessment of Obama.However,Romney’s comment re 47 percent of the country dependent on govt. programs does not make him an elitist.He is a realist.His point was ,these folks are not even going to consider him as president,because they need those entitlements to continue.Now,I realize a lot of people truly are in need,but therevarevalso many more who game the system.It has become a lifestyle:mad:

When did being well educated become a bad thing??

I’m defending BOTH candidates here because I want whoever is elected President in whatever election year to be the smartest person in the room. I want him/her to have the best education possible, I want them to be open to constantly learning. I would also like to see every child in America have access to the best education possible so they ALL have a shot at that highest office.

There is nothing virtuous in being willfully ignorant.

Elitism is good. We are not all the same, nor are we to be dumbed down to a single common denominator.

Both seemed to have an, “I’m so common …” Punch line they were trying to sell at the conventions. Their women really seemed to be trying to sell this concept the hardest.

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