Does anyone use a good steam mop?


Hi, my dh got me a Sharp Steamer for Christmas, but than I saw a commercial on the HAAN steamer mop. Does anyone have experience with this mop? I have done research on the web and there are those that love or hate it. There is so many different opinions. I just want a good steam mop for my tile floors. My entire house is tile.


Do you mean a Shark? I have a friend who loves her Shark. I have the Steamboy and I love it. In reviews, the Bissel steam mop gets top ratings.

Is there are reason you are unhappy with the steam mop your DH gave you?


Sorry, that was a typo, yes, I mean the Shark. I did borrow my mother’s for a day and the water didn’t last long and since I suffer from back pain, I didn’t find the tube or handle long enough. I know some steamers have a telescope for you to adjust to your height. I will check out the Bissel that you mention.

Has anyone used the HAAN?


My wife loves her shark.


I've seen great reviews for this one: H2O Mop Ultra I really want to get this one after we have our kitchen floor replaced this year. :thumbsup:



I have a Steamboy as well and have been quite happy with it. My only complaint is that the cord is not long enough and it’s a pain having to unplug and move it several times to get the floor done.


I got a shark steam mop for Christmas, and I love it!! The handle is a telescoping handle, so it can adjust to a very tall person. I have a LOT of floor to clean too, and it's made it so much easier.:thumbsup:


I got a SteamFast SF-292 from Amazon last year and it’s been great. You can use it as a handheld unit as well as a mop; even comes with a clothes steaming attachment.


Wow, maybe, my dh got the wrong one, but mine does not have the telescoping handle. I don’t know if there are different kinds of the Shark mop. He paid in the hundreds, so he didn’t get the cheaper one, according to him. The one my mom has is different looking and doesn’t have the telescoping handle either, but hers is an older model. I just checked the box and mine does not have a telescoping handle. Can I ask what model you have?


Thanks to all who responded and I will check out these other mops you mentioned. Thanks again, everyone.:)


I love my Shark! I wore one out and convinced two different single guys at my work to get one. It’s the only product I think that really kills the germs.


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