Does Anyone Use Verbum to Stuy Scripture?


I just decided to get my feet wet with the foundation package. I was wondering if there were ways to get discounts on upgrades. I paid full price. Are there sales?


I have been using it for awhile now. Personally, I don’t see any reason to upgrade as I can buy books I want individually. And I don’t personally need 4000 books. Its kind of like Amazon where you can buy a book and then download it to your device. Every once in awhile they do offer sales on packages and books.


I don’t have it. Lots of questions. Are you running Windows 7 or something else? i’d hate to buy into software that I couldn’t migrate upward.

do you like what you see? did you get what you wanted? Do you take it on a laptop to a study group?

I had the NAB on computer, but it doesn’t work anymore. i’d like a way to quickly look up those cross references. But, I have a bias, that I’ve bought into a lot of commentaries from the Jewish Publication Society. They have very sensible commentaries on the Torah. I may not live long enough to see them publish commentaries on all of the Tanakh. Their commentaries on Psalms will be in 5 volumes, due in 2025.

For sure, it’s the Jewish perspective, not a Christian one. Maybe they canonized the Masoretic text because it was the best one they had, but I’m not so sure the Masoretic text is any better than any other surviving texts, like the Septuagint.

I waited for a sale and bought into “Outside of Scripture” from JPS, 3 vols about 1100 pages each. Coming close to the end of Vol 1. These are Jewish writings of the second Temple period. It really is interesting to see how others interpreted the Torah. Christianity emerged from Second Temple Judaism and these writings were undoubtedly scoured by the early Church fathers, and such is stated there. As is suggested in the introduction to this volume, I’ve got my (Oxford U Press) Jewish Study Bible 2nd Ed at hand for look-ups.

When you think you’ve seen everything, pick up Philo of Alexandria (Greek speaking Jewish philosopher of Egypt). He’s known for allegorical interpretations of the Torah. He’s been translated into modern idiom, so he sounds all that much more convincing. I doubt that he actually used our eccentric expression “to boot” but I found that at one point. This is an extensively researched commentary. On the other side of the coin, these writers including Philo speculated a lot on the meaning of the Torah. Philo (30 BC to 50 AD) thought that the earth’s atmosphere extended all the way up to the Moon.


I have a NABRE in a pdf I could share with you.

I really like it. I just am used to these companies selling these packages at a big discount, so I bought the bottom of the line package for now. I have it running on my Ipad, my windows 7 PC and my Windows 10 PC. It works well on all three. I imagine you need at least 4gb of RAM to run it well on a PC. Both my PCs are laptops. I use it for my private studies. For economic reasons I have to ditch a lot of my books so this is a way to have a big library with no space.

Personally I don’t want 500 volumes of Hebrew and Greek texts…so I wish they would put together a layman’s package.


To Sirach2v4:

Here are a couple of links for online scripture that might be useful to you

Scripture: Ignatius edition.

A more general source

God bless you. :heaven:


Yes there are a lot of sales. They just finished a "12 days of Christmas’ where you can log on and get a free book every day.

There are pre-publication sale prices and double up sales where you can get an extra book for a couple dollars.


I use it for study. I cheaped out, no package. NJB,RSV,KJV bibles. Collegville commentary, Erdmanns Dictionary. I have homework for scripture study, cutting and pasting bible verses is handy.

Truth and life has a muh nicer interface, yes still use the real mccoy too.


A student ID will get you a discount, and if you are using it for research you can use financial aid.


No ID involved. Its a diocease office of catechisis school.


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