Does anyone watch "Numb3rs"?

I really like this show. It has more depth than most cop series and interesting characters. One of the things that got my attention was that it is quite positive towards religion. That is so rare these days. I was so shocked when they started talking about faith in God in mature, respectful ways. There is a Buddhist, a Jew and a Christian I think. A TV series with extremely intelligent characters who seek God is so refreshing. I wonder what Ridley Scott’s beliefs are. Does anyone know?

Other than Don Epps (played by Rob Morrow) who is Jewish (and the Epps are supposedly Jewish), no other character on the show has any specific belief system or subscribes to one. Larry Fleinhardt (played by Nichols) stayed in a Buddhist monastery but is not Buddhist though he does seem to be on the search for something greater than himself. The only “Christians” that have been on the show were cults (Apostolic Saints who were modeled a little after the FDLS and Warren Jeffs) and another group where they believed in some out there conspiracies but the “leader” was fleecing the congregation (I think but it’s been awhile). Now, that doesn’t mean that they are anti-Christian but rather that cults sell views. Though they did, in at least the conspiracy cult group ep, point out that they shouldn’t twist a belief in a higher power to control people or use that belief in evil ways. They tended to stick to behavior and actions rather than beliefs except if they got people killed.

I like the show because they don’t end every ep with a gun fight or killing people. I know a fair percentage of last season’s eps (Season 5) ended up with an arrest instead of a shoot out. And it’s not like CSI which focuses on the procedural but on characters and their development.

I think one of the female characters made a reatreat in a convent once. I don’t remember which season it was and my memory of the episode when it was mentioned is quite vague. But I think the overall attitude towards religion is positive. They discuss the need for something higher in life and God as both intellectual concept and a personal experience. Definitely different from other shows on TV.

I don’t watch the show as regularly as I used to but it is still very good. One thing I think that is positive is that the show shows math and logic being used to aid in solving crimes in a very real and practical way. I don’t know how accurate it is as a depicition of real FBI work, but at least it takes math, which can be perceived by many school students and people in general as boring and generally useless, and takes it out of the classroom and puts it in “real” life situations where it can become a little glamorous and much more practical. So perhaps this show’s real impact won’t be its contribution to acting or plot but sort of rehabilitating math to the general populace.


I like the maths element too. It’s good to portray academic disciplines as relevant to everyday life (or something resembling everyday life ). I don’t watch it regularely either but I’m always glad when I stumble upon it.

I like the fact that Numb3rs makes math seem cool.

This is one of my favorite shows for many of the reasons already mentioned here. I like math and it is fun to see something that many consider boring and not important for “real life” being used in interesting and important ways.

I also really like the characters, they seem more “real” and more “normal” compared to many shows. They also tend to have better morals than many shows, by no means perfect, but better than most. I also like their positive view of religion and searching for God and meaning. Their solutions may not be the same as mine, but I can relate to the a lot of the questions.

And I like crime shows in general. I like problems and working to solve them. I like puzzles.

My sister loves that show. Heck, I like it too even though Math is a subject I avoid like the plague. :stuck_out_tongue:

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