Does anyone's church use "Respond and Acclaim" from Oregon Catholic Press?

This is random, and it makes me sound kind of an idiot, but does anyone’s church use these Psalm/Gospel Acclamation music settings? I think the musical settings for these arrangements. Are very beautiful. I love the chant in the verses.

My parish uses this, both in English and Spanish. My caveat with Respond and Acclaim is that composers like Mary Frances Leza take liberties with the text and put inclusive language instead of what the proper text says.

I miss the Psalm/Gospel Acclamations from the old Worship III GIA book. The settings are beautiful and the Gospel Acclamations sound more majestic, especially the Lenten Kyrie version written by D. Hurd.

We use these also. I do something a little different with my choir with them though. Maybe someone else here has done something similar… The Cantor sings just like usual, and the choir sings the parts and descants as written. For the verses I have the choir singing the accompaniment parts on “ooo” with organ accompaniment just enough there to keep a little support and the Cantor sings as usual.

For Special feast days and Holy Days, the choir will chant the verses all together in harmony. During Advent and Lent, we will this year be able to go acapella for either version.

It really is quite beautiful when done this way.

Joe B

That’s interesting. Did you use the one last week “The Precepts of the Lord Give Joy to the Heart”? That one was really beautiful.

As with the choir doing that, at my church, the Cantor will sing the verses by himself/herself, then the choir joins in the refrain singing their written music (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) and the Cantor just sings the melody. Then, at the last refrain, there is a Descant that sings along with the others. It’s quite beautiful.

Are we talking about the same book? Our parish uses Respond and Acclaim, and I have never noticed any deviation from the words in the Lectionary.

Me either. Also, I thought Owen Alstott composed and wrote the book?

We get the books, as they come in a package with the missalettes. However, I do not use them an prefer to write my own using the USCCB site for the readings of the day. That way I do not deviate or use repetitions.

Yes, and our Cantor for the week was an 11 year old girl with a lovely angelic voice…

Joe B

I had also hoped that there would be a revision of the settings also. When they “fixed” the text, some of the settings needed to be modified along with them.

Joe B

We use it, and I love it. It is just right!

My choir uses it, but not all of the choirs at my church do. I wish they would. It’s nice to hear a psalm that matches what’s in my missal. :thumbsup:

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