Does authority apply to this Marriage?


If a cradle Catholic converted (formal act through the reform Rabbi, with studying under Conservative and Orthodox Rabbis, maintaining a Kosher kitchen, etc.), married a Jew and he then divorced her, would she be under the Authority of the Church at that time?

What if one of the things that played a significant role in their divorce was that she realized she could not be Jewish, as she realized in every fiber of her being that the Messiah had come, so she couldn’t continue to accept Judiasm and the yearning for his arrival?

She’d prayed to Mary once at the Parish where she’d grown up, and prayed to St. Anthony while touring a church in Europe but had not made any real progress towards returning to the Church.

Would she be under the Authority of the Church?

She became engaged (after 4 years of becoming re-acquainted with herself after losing a marriage, although she was still afraid to seek God) at the same time as her mother was diagnosed with cancer. After a brief postponement in the announcement of the engagement, they decided to accelerate the pace to ensure mom could attend (the cancer was not looking good). A talk with the priest determined that it would take 6 months of pre-cana sessions before a wedding could be performed. As she was not practicing in any faithful way, and didn’t respect that God would determine if Mom would be present, she happily made alternate arrangements, and they were married in a garden, Civil wedding. Was she under the Authority of the Church at this moment?


Since she formally defected from the Church (and has not formally re-entered) she is not under Church authority. I recommend that she talk with a priest about her marital situation and re-entry into the Church.

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