Does being a political person cause scandal?

Being citizens of a democracy, is it okay for a faithful Catholic to have political positions that are not politically correct?

For example, I believe that illegal is illegal with regard to illegal immigration. The Church wants the dignity of these individuals to be kept and I must accept that deportation is heart breaking and denial of health care and other assistance is immoral due to my vocation of being a lay person, but I still believe there must be justice. My ancestors came here legally and I expect other immigrants to come here legally as well. The Church seems to advocate amnesty, but I feel this is unlawful, unfair and very expensive in the meantime. I would prefer that immigration laws were kept as they are written now and change the law so that you must be born from one U.S. citizen to become a citizen (green cards and etc. still in place for becoming citizens though). The incentive for entering illegally would be diminished (no freebie social security, health care, etc.) and illegal immigrant families would not deal with the tragedy of broken families.

The bottom line is I want justice for illegal immigrants that respects their humanity without amnesty and give-aways.

My question also extends into other fields like unions, taxes, socialism, single payer health care, social security, Medicare, Medicaid, capital punishment and etc.


I would very much suggest you read the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church.

You can find it free at

THEN you can form your opinions around the correct doctrine :thumbsup:

I’m not sure if your question is about how the world responds to your political views or about how well your political views match Church doctrine. It does matter if you advocate political positions that are not in accord with the truth. But I don’t know of any rule that says that you must make all of your political positions acceptable to the world at large. Otherwise I would have a hard time holding the position that abortion ought to be illegal. :slight_smile: It is not the most popular view.

I do, however, tend to prudently choose when to broach a topic. Not all situations require me to tell everyone what I think. (please ignore my post count…it clearly has *nothing *to do with telling everyone what I think;):eek:)

I must admit, I’m Catholic and I wholeheartedly agree with you. I’m sorry but we can’t just give away everything to people just because they happened to get in. If we did then the country would either have to go father into debt or we’d have taxes higher than those in the UK! Of course if the Church would like to pay for all of the things they’re advocating we should give them, I have no problem with that, but I bet some of the members of the Church would.
God BLess

The United States has a responsibility to protect its citizens. The difficulty of the situations of those who choose to come here illegally before they leave their homeland does not justify them going into another sovereign nation without permission. It is a corporal work of mercy to welcome the stranger. It is especially important to welcome foreigners who have come to us for help, or who have come here hoping to make a better life for themselves and their families, as long as they do not cause injustice to U.S. citizens.

I am not sure the immigration laws, as they are now, are accomplishing that- some say they make it too difficult for people to come here legally.

Holding a political idea that is out of line with the catholic church is very very bad. Let alone being a public figure who happens to be catholic and clashes openly with her dogmas.

Both cause scandal.

So does the catholic who is just as bad themselves. Since evangelism in the catholic faith seems to rest on the individual’s living it.

I’d say most catholics need to re-think their lives every day, and so should we all.

At least catholics promote the idea of self examination on a regular basis. This, I think is a very good thing no matter what you believe or do not.:thumbsup:

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