Does being in mortal sin make you more conscious of your health?

It has in certain cases for me, whether it be making doubly sure that I’m clear to cross or being more anxious when walking home in the evening. Have any of you felt similar when you’ve committed a mortal sin?


It does make you more aware of your Spiritual health. Or it should.

I’ve not noticed this in myself…it’s an interesting perspective though.

Please go to Confession if you need, to as soon as possible. Our God wants His children reconciled with Him.

Maybe its your intellect telling you to be careful because if you were to die you know unrepentant mortal sin can send someone to hell.

Maybe you have repented in your heart and plan to go to confession. Then still you may be a little weary because you still love God and fear him.

There’s no doubt that I do want to go to confession my friend; it would be that my worry would be slightly more elevated that I wouldn’t be able to.

Yes, I know what you’re saying. We want to die in a state of grace, and not being in that grace makes us a bit nervous regarding our own mortality. Only makes sense.

We also know that anxiety and guilt are not from God.

When we are in harmony with God, we are more at peace.

When we are not in harmony, we are more susceptible to attacks.

I understand what you are saying.

Yes, perhaps so. As I get older and often fall sick, I am conscious not to be burdened with mortal sin and desire to be in a state of grace at all material time. When I am young and busy building my life, usually Confession could wait; there was less urgency about it.

We are all just one heartbeat away from eternity…ergo judgement. Therefore we don’t ever want to “be in” or “remain in” mortal sin as if we have plenty of time to rid ourselves of such sin…

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