Does being in the state of mortal sin only require culpability

So I know that one can be in the state of mortal sin without knowing it, but if mortal sin requires full consent of the will, and knowledge of what you’re doing, then how does this work? Because I know that in a Post Communion Prayer St. Thomas Aquinas asks that receiving Holy Communion be not a condemnation to him, so pretty much asking that he was not in a state of mortal sin when receiving. Thanks to all.

My initial thought would be wilful ignorance.

Um, could you define that a bit more? thank you

Someone can commit an objective mortal sin, meaning grave matter without full knowledge.

Yeah, but would that them put them in the state of mortal sin even though they didn’t have culpability. Like if they died, would they go to hell?

Read the article I posted above, it gives a clear understanding of this.
There is:
1)Actual mortal sin where a person commits the sin with full knowledge, full consent, and grave matter. Actual Mortal sin sends one to hell.
2)Objective mortal sin where there is not full knowledge, so objective mortal sin, although grave does much harm to the body of Christ but will not send one to hell but could send one to Purgatory for a long time.

A good example of this is a bad priest who gives advice to a parishioner that contraception is allowed in some circumstances (although we know contraption is intrinsically evil and allowed in no circumstances) and the next day the parishioner, sort of hesitant, uses contraption to the advice of the priest. It’s grave matter but the person was misled by bad advice, so it wasn’t an actual mortal sin and the person is still in the state of grace. Shame on the priest though for leading a sheep astray. The sin will be on him.

Not doing due diligence to find out if something is grave matter or not.

Another truth is that no one knows 100 percent if one is in mortal sin or not. One can have a good idea that one is in a state of grace(one flees occasions of sin, regularly recieves the sacraments, and does good works, and practices the virtues and Gifts), and must stay confident in the hope of heaven. Stay humble and stay confident in the hope of heaven. Flee sin!

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