Does biting the Eucharistic host mean multiple reception of Christ?

Okay, this might be a ridiculous question, but someone help me out.

We do not believe that Christ is given in the Eucharist in a physical way (in the sense that I receive a piece of his arm and you receive a piece of his leg). Rather, the Eucharistic particle you receive is fully the substance of Christ. Now this means when the priest breaks the bread or host, the body of Christ is not split in half. I get that. The priest does not divide up Christ when he prepares the “bread” for communal reception.

So when I bite the host in my mouth into pieces, am I making multiple pieces of host that contain multiple presences of Christ? Two people who receive two different hosts receive Christ individually. So when I break the host in my mouth into 2 or 3 pieces, am i then receiving the full substance of Christ 2 or 3 times?

It’s the same Christ, it’s one Christ. Maybe present in multiple places, but he is one even so and not divided.

Not meaning any disrespect, but this really cracked me up.

“Father, could I please have a drumstick?”

Do humans have drumsticks??

So the reception of Christ depends on subjective reception? I thought Christ was objectively present in the species of bread independent of human consideration.

So why doesn’t Christ “multiply” when fractions of the host occur from the mouth’s biting? We know Christ is fully present in each piece when the priest or minister breaks up the host.

The number of places in which Christ is sacramentally present in that particular moment is multiplied, but He Himself remains undivided.

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